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By Peace Palette

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Peace Palette

When I made it to Australia in 2004, as a refugee from South Sudan, I swore that I would do all I could to help people in my home country. This journey led me to establish Peace Palette with Aya Ono. Our mission is to work with the South Sudanese community to cultivate home-grown solutions to sustain a stronger, resilient, and harmonious society.

The Nhomlau Children's Centre

In and around Turalei there are hundreds of homeless children, some as young as five. Many of these children have lost their families to conflict or poverty. For the others, their families are simply too poor to provide for them.
Last year when I was in Turalei I spoke to many of these children who told me their heartbreaking stories. They don't have any food, shelter or medical attention. Many of their friends and siblings have died.
Aquot, only 11 years old, told me:

“I came back from Khartoum after South Sudan became independent with my grandmother. Soon after we arrived, she passed away. I have no other family to look after me. I found my new home on the street.”

For Aquot, and so many others, we established the Nhomlau Children' Centre in 2012. We have 80 boys in our care, and six volunteer staff providing food, education, care and hope to them. 

But unfortunately, the Centre is becoming unsustainable. It operates solely on the donations of our supporters in Australia and Japan.

We have a plan to secure the future by establishing a social enterprise. We plan to buy two motorbikes and a maize grinder, which will benefit the Centre, the wider Turalei community, and provide an ongoing source of income. 

We urgently need your help to:
  • Purchase two motorbikes to set up a taxi business, to provide a source of income for the Centre (2 x $1500 = $3000)
  • Purchase one maize grinder, to save on monthly fees and provide an ongoing source of income ($5000)
Of course, all income will be used to support the Nhomlau Children's Centre. Together, we can ensure that these children can live in a safe, supported and loving environment, away from the dangers on the streets. And it allows us to press ahead with our longer-term plans for home-based settlement for the boys. 

We need your help

We need your help to make all this happen. The conflict and trauma these boys have endured is more than many Australians can comprehend, but we now have an opportunity to secure their futures. Please, please join us today by pledging your support.

Thank you. 

David Nyuol Vincent and Aya Ono, co-founders of Peace Palette. 

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