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More than 43 000 Australian children are living in Out of Home Care and every 3.5 minutes, another Australian child receives child protection services.

Poverty, child abuse, neglect, mental illness, isolation and marginalisation are real and confronting issues in Australia, with implications for families, communities and the general population

And the implications are ongoing...

Organisations work tirelessly to provide essentials for survival and safety to families affected, but long term societal change relies on an interruption to cycles of dysfunction. Sustainable outcomes are achieved through interventions that offer opportunity for kids and parents to process their experiences, build self esteem, and develop confidence and skills that help them make sense of, function and thrive in their world.

The fact remains however that the families needing the most support are the ones least likely to attend programs. The appeal and accessibility of interventions are KEY...

So Let's Make Music!

PaKT4Change loudly and proudly makes music with Australia's most vulnerable kids and parents to build healthy connections and positive life skills. Our qualified staff create opportunities for rhythm training, song writing and improvisation. We sing, dance, and share healthy ways to listen to and engage in music. And whilst to the outside world it looks like simple fun, the evidence shows that the non musical benefits are far reaching. Participants are provided a creative space to develop their sense of self, relationships, self-regulation, self-compassion and resilience. Parents learn about positive parenting and kids (and communities) reap the benefits of engaged families...and of MUSIC!

It takes a village...

Our staff are one committed crew - passionate about equity, hope and opportunity for ALL Australian children; working towards engaged and productive generations of the future. We have wait lists for all our programs (read more at, and we have families asking 'can't we have more?'. We've spent time laying good foundations for a successful business, and now it's time to put out our call - what difference can YOU make to a family in need of support?

We know we're not alone in our vision and we're not the only ones who believe in the value of music as a vehicle for ENGAGEMENT and CHANGE.

Your generous contributions will act as seed funding, enabling the cogs to keep turning behind the scenes at PaKT4Change and furthering the provision of therapeutic, effective and meaningful music programs across Australia.

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