Paddling for a Cleaner Ocean

By Lucy Graham, Mathilde Gordon

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We love the ocean. We love swiming, surfing, kayaking, diving and more. We live at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef and consider it a part of ourselves. It gives us the air we breathe and the environment we enjoy.

But there’s a problem

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We both live single-use plastic free and volunteer with marine protetion organisations. However, we are ready to do more! We are going to paddle the length of the Inside Passage, a trip of over TWO THOUSAND kilometers, to show you how much we care.

We are using the paddle to raise awareness, create change, and fundraise for marine protection. Our oceans are interconnected, which means that the issues we face in Australian waters, are also faced in all of the world's oceans. However, when we have people working all over the world for our oceans we can make an unstoppable change.

You can join us

Change something in your life. We are asking anyone and everyone to get on board our journey. We are going to do our very best to make this trip single-use plastic free (a challenge for any long distance journey). We are asking that you do one of three things

  1. Pledge to reduce your plastic consumption in some way, or go all out and join us in going plastic free for the duration of our trip!
  2. Sponsor us $1 a day during our trip to show your support
  3. Donate any amount

Where does your money go?

Donations will go towards supporting the work of two marine debris organisations;  The Tangaroa Blue Foundation (50%) and Living Oceans, Clear the Coast (50%).

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Team Members

Lucy Graham, Mathilde Gordon