'OUR POWER' (2018) Feature Documentary

By Peter Yacono

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‘OUR POWER’ aims to shine the light on the Latrobe Valley community and their 90+ year history of providing power to Victorians. The film explores the transition of the power industry as it was privatised in the late 1990s and the devastating Hazelwood mine fire of 2014.
It is an emotional and intense roller-coaster that exposes the impacts of the 45-day fire, the fundamental issues facing the community today, and the community’s transition to a ‘post-coal’ world.


  • 5 Million+ Victorians rely on brown coal for their daily power and electrical needs. You can visit NEM watch here and see what the state is currently generating (normally brown coal provides 80-85% of the states' power).
  • As a nation, if Australia is going to take a step away from coal, the first logical step would be phasing out the brown coal that is found in the Latrobe Valley. Considering Victoria is perceived as a progressive state, we should be making plans for a just transition NOW.
  • The communities of the Latrobe Valley have been providing power to the state for 90+ years. They’ve proudly done it and there is a passionate history behind what they do. When we talk about a just transition for the states' electrical and economic needs, we believe this needs to start with the Latrobe Valley community.
  • The Latrobe Valley, in a way, are disconnected from the decision makers in our capital cities. In the same way, people that live in our cities are disconnected from the people who go to work every day to provide power for the state. OUR POWER, as a film, is looking to unite people across the great state of Victoria.
  • Victoria is the place to be and OUR POWER shows you all the reason why!

OUR POWER WEBSITE - www.ourpowerdoco.com

About the Director, Peter Yacono

Peter Yacono is a freelance Melbourne director, producer and editor with strong interests in social justice issues, including drug and alcohol abuse, gender equality and climate change.

Ever since a young age, Peter has always cared deeply and compassionately about social injustices. Acquiring a strong sense of justice and fairness, Peter quickly realised his ability to speak eloquently through film and particularly documentary.

An activist at heart, Peter believe his films are his strongest ammunition that will speak the truth about the realities of many social justice issues.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Peter has had seven years of study in the fields of Media & Communications and Information Systems & Management. The combination of both fields of study means he has intricate knowledge on production technologies, techniques, and audio production.

*For all media enquiries, including interviews and photos please contact Anissha Vijayan

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