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The Nourish Program by OzHarvest

While some may think youth these days have it all, for some young Australians it's tougher than you think.

We want to help provide hope and opportunity to young people from troubled and disadvantaged backgrounds.

The aim of the Nourish Program is to train, skill up, mentor and provide hope to disadvantaged youth and provide them pathways to employment in the food and hospitality industry.

We need your help.

Thanks to the really good folk at Goodman+, OzHarvest has been donated an amazing warehouse space in Alexandria and other believers like FDC and Frost Catering are helping us fill it.

In addition to making this space our new HQ, our big vision is to build a commercial kitchen space to set up and run Nourish.

The plans have been drawn and the cement has been poured.

Now we need your help to fill this incredible space with commercial kitchen equipment and turn this vision into a reality.

We need an additional $80,000 to fill the kitchen with tools of the trade. Things like combi steamers, gas burners, sinks, washers, stainless steel bench tops, fridges and cool rooms. This equipment will make all the difference to the Nourish Program.

Donate, check out the awesome perks, leave your own legacy on Nourish and help provide young disadvantaged Australians an incredible opportunity and hope to expand their horizons.

Visit us at or call us on 1800 108 006 to find out more.
Connect with us via social media @ozharvest

Meet Ronni Kahn, CEO & Founder of OzHarvest with Lomandra School's incredible staff and students, Justin and Troy.

Meet Justin. He is really keen to get trained up as part of the Nourish Program and wants to learn asian cooking.

Meet Troy. He wants to part of the Nourish Program too and is really keen to make great pasta, especially chicken boscaiola.

Meet the guys from ONE80TC who also want to be trained up through the Nourish Program.

We're fundraising to fill up this amazing space donated by Goodman+ with commercial kitchen equipment. Help us get there!

A video message from our CEO Ronni Kahn, filmed at our Nourish pilot program recently.


(Please feel free to browse through our full list of perks over on the right!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: A tax deductible receipt will be issued for any donations of $2 or more, at the end of this campaign. However the recommended retail value of material goods or perks will not be deductible for taxation purposes. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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