Nonprofit Electronic Waste Recycling Fundraiser

By PRogressive Christian Ministries of Greater Atlanta

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This is a photo of the printed circuit board processing machine we will be using. Total cost is $13,995.00.

Start-Up Proposal for Nonprofit Electronic Waste Recycling Project

Submitted by: Progressive Christian Ministries of Greater Atlanta, Inc. (a 501c3)

Author & Web Minister Paul J. Bern, CEO

https://www.authorrevpauljbern.com879 Rock St. NW Ste. 104 Atlanta, Ga. 30314 [email protected] 404-538-9683

Purpose: To join the fight to clean up the earth's environment by recycling the mountains of electronic waste generated by obsolete computers, printers, fax machines, mainframes, networking components, consumer electronics and other similar electronic waste. Twenty to fifty million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year. Cell phones, computer main logic boards and other electronic items contain high amounts of precious metals like gold or silver. Americans dump phones containing over $60 million in gold/silver every year. This is a never-ending opportunity to become better stewards of the planet God has given us, with a virtually unending supply of items to be recycled.

Why this, and why now?: I learned a long time ago that life is not all about how much we can get while we're still here, it's about the kind of legacy we leave behind after we're gone. Our planning committee has come up with 3 main reasons for wanting to undertake this really big project at this time.

  • Our first reason is to serve God. God gave us this planet. He created it, believe it or not (see Genesis chapter 1, verses 1 and 2). And He is furious with those who have polluted it for profit, and those who have ruined whole sectors of it.

  • Our second reason is electronic waste plays a major part in this problem, and we have the means to begin lending long-term assistance in cleaning this up. And now, thanks to the first round of this crowd-fund campaign, we have raised most of the money for our location.

  • Our third reason, quite simply, is to create jobs. And, in a tech-savvy town like Atlanta, finding qualified help will not be difficult. Even our chairman, Rev. Paul Bern, who is currently disabled but is feeling plenty well enough to return to the work force, would be taken off the disability rolls and could become a taxpayer again.

Name and Type of Business: Operating as a nonprofit, this new business will be called, “Computer and Electronics Recycling and Repair, Inc.” (or possibly an LLC) One possible location in northwest Atlanta has already been identified, but there are at least two more to be viewed as of this writing. This would be a combination showroom and warehouse establishment, with the showroom and drop-off center in the front of the business, the repair center in the middle, and the warehouse and processing center in the back. The warehouse portion would need to have a loading dock, and the maximum square footage for the entire operation to start with would need to be no more than 3,500 square feet, but with expansion capabilities.

Four types of income generation: (1) through the accumulation and resale of scrap gold and silver, which will be sold by the ounce; copper, aluminum, iron and zinc, which will be sold by the pound, as well as processed scrap plastic, which will be sold by the ton. (2) through the refurbishing and resale of all types of computers, notebooks and flat screen TV's. (3) through a new computer sales outlet where new PC's will be built and sold onsite and well as marketed over the internet, and (4) a service department as well as field service representatives to capitalize on service and repair opportunities, as well as to make ready additional units for resale.

Method of Operation: Obsolete, broken and other wise unwanted desktop and notebook computers, broken TV's (32” and up), along with broken or obsolete tablets and phones, will be dropped off by end users and businesses, who will receive either gift cards, a small cash offer to be paid by check only, or a tax-deductible receipt of up to a maximum of $300.00. Larger quantities can be sourced from other repair shops, small to medium sized businesses or in bulk on Ebay. The best of the above – the ones with the most resale value – will be reconditioned and resold. The rest – the remaining 90% – will be ground up into their respective components and resold by the ton for scrap. (specifications below) A PC repair shop and service desk will be adjacent to a showroom for new computers, as well as for handheld and portable devices. A field service department will bring in still more revenue. A second larger showroom for the reconditioned items will be on the opposite side of the aisle. Customers will be encouraged to 'trade in' their old PC's for new ones, all in one convenient trip, and where pricing will be minimized in keeping with the operation's nonprofit status.

Methods of recycling unwanted printed circuit boards of all types: We have procured a manufacturer for a printed circuit board processor built around their hammer mill and shaker table, a variation on those used for mining purposes, to completely pulverize the printed circuit board (PCB) and its components, to liberate the precious metals and base metals from the plastics and fibers. For e-waste and PCB recycling, this is a fantastic turnkey solution. A stark difference in gold ore vs. printed circuit boards (PCB's) is that a rich gold ore might have 0.5 – 1.0 oz of gold per ton of ore, but computer PCB's contain approximately 5 oz gold, 15 oz silver, plus roughly 500 lbs copper and aluminum per ton of boards, plus multiple other base metals such as iron and zinc. Given the commodity nature of electronics such as computers and cell phones, this makes PCB recycling a great way to earn impressive financial gains, while minimizing significant amounts of electronic waste that can be used for the public good. By following the principles of separating gold from hard rock ore, a system has been developed to mechanically separate the waste plastics and glass fibers from the valuable metallic content with no burning, leaching or electrolysis. One worker could process more than a thousand pounds per day of printed circuit boards using this machine.

Scrap Processing Projection Month-to-Month: Scrapping obsolete electronics will first involve removing the printed circuit boards from their cases. We will need a scrap metal processor for the cases, something we can use our 501c3 status to obtain a grant for once the business is operational. But for the time being, all we will need is the printed circuit board processor and a scrap plastic processor. To start out with, we expect to process up to about 3 tons of PCB's per week, ramping up beyond a ton or more per day within 6 months to a year. But to start out with, 3 tons weekly equals 12 tons per month. Based on the capabilities of the above-mentioned PCB processor, including the amounts that can be extracted per ton, this would amount to approximately 60 oz. of gold, 180 oz. silver, 6,000 pounds of copper, 6,000 pounds of aluminum, and 100 oz. apiece of zinc and iron per month of operation.

Combined Cash Flow Projection for the Entire Enterpise: For every ton of scrap computers, roughly 25-50 individual computers and tablets will be able to be reconditioned and sold as re-manufactured units. So based on the figures above at 12 tons processed per month, up to 250 refurbished units per month can be sold at $75.00-$100.00 each (even cheaper than E-bay) for a maximum gross profit of $18,750-$25,000 per month. For each ton processed, 60 ounces of gold at the current spot price of $1,283.00 equals $76,980.00; 180 ounces of silver at the current price of $14.69 per ounce equals $2,644.20, 500 pounds of copper @ $3.73 per pound equals $1.865.00, and 500 pounds of processed aluminum at the current spot price of $.845 cents equals $422.50. Those four numbers combined equal monthly gross of $84,411.70.

However, there will also be a service department and field service techs on duty. The repair department is projected to have a combined income from drop-off and on-call service calls of an additional $5,000.00 monthly, ramping up to about twice that amount after the first year.

Any unsold computers that have been on the showroom floor for over 30 days will be stockpiled for the victims of fires, floods and other natural disasters such as hurricanes. They can also be donated to schools and preschools in economically disadvantaged areas. There will be ample room in the warehouse portion of the business where a locked stockroom can be constructed for their safe and secure storage for future times of need. If the storage room ever fills up, the oldest units will be scrapped first to make room for the new.

If this new nonprofit only turns one half the volume projected above in its first month of operation, based on the figures above there would still be a total of $42,205.85 in cash flow, not counting income from the service department. With an appealing website and some good S.E.O., a basic marketing campaign, some business listings and a few ads, these sales can be doubled by the end of the first year of operation to the above figure of $84,411.70 monthly.

But this about is much more than generating sales and computer scrap. For every computer sold, one or more will be given away to a needy person, or to victims of fires, floods, tornado's, hurricanes and other disasters. This will be, first and foremost, a charity that serves, founded and operated by people who care.

Start-Up Expenses Requirements, Total Amount Needed

Showrooms and Repair department

Initial inventory for new computer showroom $21,000.00

Parts inventory, diagnostic equipment, software and tools for PC repair shop $12,000.00

Custom wall shelving for showroom, 25 feet square, 120 Ln. Ft.; wall mounted $250.00

(1x12 pine, painted, mounted on wall brackets)

Medium (5 feet) folding tables with tablecloths; 20 @ $24.00 $480.00

(for desktops in computer showrooms)

Mounting brackets for TV's (10 @ $39.95) $399.50

Bar code system (hand held) with 4-6 readers $475.00

Initial showroom inventory for rebuilt units (PC, tablet, phone, 100 pieces) $2,000.00

Lighting for both showrooms; $2,000.00 each $4,000.00

Locking displays with sliding glass doors for phones; 2 @ $1,620.00 $3,240.00

(36” x 7” x 24” wall mounted)

TOTAL $43,844.50

Warehouse, Repair and Processing Area

Printed circuit board processing & separating machine $13,750.00

Metal shelves on wheels; 10 @$50.00 each $500.00

Wood/metal work benches; 7 @ $70.00 each $700.00

Metal shop tables; 4 @ $80.00 each $320.00

Molded plastic warehouse carts; 4 @ $85.00 each $340.00

Initial inventory of resalable items and scrap; 40 tons @ $300.00 per ton $12,000.00

(6 box truck loads @ 20,000 pounds per load)

Pallet jack for warehouse $500.00

30 wooden pallets (48x40 inches) @ $5.50 each $165.00

Security fencing for storeroom $1,995.00

Security door for storeroom $595.00

Reinforced plastic shelving (assembled); 20 @ $45.00 $900.00

Metal frame shelving (wood shelves, assembled); 20 @ $75.00 $1,500.00

Heavy duty convertible hand truck $295.00

Heavy duty dollies for moving separated material; 5 @ $195.00 each $975.00

Containers for storing separated material (17 gallon, Home Depot); 10 @ $7.98 ea. $80.00

Shredder for molded plastic computer parts (new on Ebay) $2,090.00

Utility tubs on casters for scrap mobility; [email protected] $671.81 $6718.10

(450 lbs. Capacity by Rubbermaid, polyethylene tilt truck)

Large capacity pallet scale $849.00

Shipping scale for shipping & receiving (by Uline, Inc.) $129.00

Initial supply of boxes, shipping tape, tape guns, & packing material (whse.) $2,000.00

Trash cans for office and warehouse $150.00

TOTAL $46,551.10

Office & showroom furniture, equipment

Stools for service counter; 2 @ $80.00 each $160.00

Mid-sized office chairs, high back; 6 @ $100.00 each $600.00

Large 'L'-shaped office desks; 4 @ $100.00 each $400.00

Large wood/metal desk with 2 drawers; 3 @ $150.00 each $450.00

Large network printer/copier/scanner/fax for office $350.00

Desktop PC's with 21 inch monitors 4 @ $750.00 each $3,000.00

(8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, minimum Core Quad processor)

Color printer/copier/scanner (commercial grade); 3 @ $149.00 $447.00

Wireless router, up to 8 IP's; $59.00

Living room suites (basic with sofa/love seat/chair/end tables) 2 @ $600.00 $1,200.00

Table lamps with shades; 4 @ 29.95 each $120.00

Enough office supplies for start-up $2,000.00

TOTAL $8,786.00

Grand Total $143,026.10

Employee benefits to be added after the 1st full year of operation

Prospective Donors Please Note: Any funds collected in excess of the above amount will be returned, provided no additional expenses are incurred, with the most recent donors being refunded first. Thank you all ever so much! :-)

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Team Members

Rev. Paul J. Bern

Deacon Dedrick Henry

Rev. Adrian Santee