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The Story

 On the morning of Friday the 13th June we found that the office at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens had been destroyed by a devastating fire; just one week after we won an Environment Day Award for our contribution to the Byron Shire community.

The blaze destroyed our historical records, membership information, computers, printers and catering equipment. Even the solar panels on the roof are gone. Damage was also inflicted on our Nursery, the Rotunda and the Seed Savers Shed :(

The damage is around $40,000 and we didn't have insurance. 



Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are a resilient community and we will re-build an amazing new office to support our volunteer programs! But we need your help!

Please donate what to help us re-build our vital and continue to support our wonderful community! :)

Donations are tax deductible.

Please support our grass-roots fundraising efforts and come visit Mullumbimby Community Gardens next time your in the neighbourhood!

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