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My husband and I moved to Cyprus 17 years ago and realised almost immediately how many sick, injured, abandoned, abused and neglected cats and dogs that needed help. So since then we have given 24 hours, 365 days a year to helping them. Giving them the medical attention they need no matter what. Never putting an animal to sleep if it has a chance of a life. So each month we need to raise funds to give them this care: food, surgeries, medicines, vet fees, flea and worm treatment, steralising, microchips, vaccines, collars, leads, cat litter, petrol for vet runs etc. On top of this they need a safe place in our home until a forever home is available which means we also needs funds for heating, water, electric, bedding, cat litter, dog and cat houses, transport boxes, brooms, mops, cleaning products etc etc. The list is endless. So please help us by donating what you can and sharing our fundraiser. If you can spare some time to do some other fundraising please let us know. Go to our website which has all the information on how you can help as well as all the animals currently in our care needing homes. www.cypruspridehouse.org

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