Wheelchair accessible bus for school students on Elcho Island

By MJD Foundation

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Kaitleen is 17 and lives on Elcho Island. She has Machado Joseph Disease and uses a wheelchair. Shepherdson College in Galiwin'ku had been assisting Kaitleen's school attendance by driving her to and from school, but due to her progressively decreased mobility, the vehicle used by the school was no longer appropriate and Kaitleen stopped attending school.

For more information on Machado Joseph Disease, visit www.mjd.org.au

The temporary solution

In 2015 the MJD Foundation installed a hydraulic lift in the passenger seat of a Toyota ute and partnered with the school to enable the teachers to use the vehicle to pickup and dropoff Kaitleen each day. The smile on her face on the first day she returned to school was just beautiful.

The long term solution

As Kaitleen's MJD progresses, she will require a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle to go to school. And there are many other high needs students in Galiwin'ku who also need this support to attend school.

The school needs a wheelchair accessible bus.

You can join us

The MJDF is working with VarietyNT and Shepherdson College to raise the final $10,000 in funds needed to fund a VarietyNT Sunshine Coach. We're almost there and you can help us make this happen in 2016.

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