March In March Australia 2014

By Craig Batty

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March In March Australia

Who are we?

We are a group of politically non-aligned individuals committed to social equity, which was formed through social media networking. We strongly believe that our Government is letting down our communities, right across Australia, with its fixation to cut costs at any cost.

We have seen the proposed changes to education and the cuts that will follow. We have seen the cuts to health. We have seen the horrible attacks on refugees. We have seen the Government wanting to review the National Disability Scheme, and know what “review “means. We have seen no support for the car manufacturing industry, which will see thousands of jobs lost. We have seen the Government now turn its back on farmers and workers at the SPC cannery, with again thousands of farmers and workers affected.
We believe that people from all walks of life from communities across Australia, and particularly from community groups affected by this governments decisions, need to send a strong message to the Government. March in March Australia is going to do this.

Community rallies are going to take place in all capital cities and many regional towns across Australia to send our message of extreme disappointment to the Government. All Australians, regardless of political affiliation or allegiance, regardless of social status or location or any other divisive label are welcome to join us.

We need funding to pay, for example, for transport for community groups who wish to attend these rallies; we have elderly people, families, underfunded communities group wanting to attend, and just a small contribution will help is get buses to these regional rallies, and then to Canberra, so that this Government will HEAR THE COMMUNITY OUTRAGE.

Other funds will be allocated to promote the regional assemblies and their activities, to provide PA systems and audiovisual recording equipment, to produce memorabilia to be distributed at the rallies, to provide freely available water and fruit for members of the public, and much more.

All donations are acknowledged with deep gratitude, and all of our account-keeping is independently managed and audited, as well as being totally transparent to the public. All expenditures will be disclosed as they occur.

After the 17th of March 2014, all remaining funds will be donated to a range of charities, which will be listed online and advertised.


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Team Members

Craig Batty

Chessy Collins

Helen Lyons-Riley

Leesa Little

Margaret McMillan

Tim Jones