Solidarity with the migrant caravan!

By Little Village Solidarity Network

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The migrant caravan

At this moment, a caravan of several thousand Central American people, many of them families with young children, is making it way through Mexico towards the United States. They're already about a month and thousands of miles into their journey, which began in Honduras. Current estimates say the caravan could reach the border as early as the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Challenges and needs

The deployment of roughly 7,000 troops, inflammatory threats of violence against migrants in the caravan, and right-wing militias empowered by this climate of open brutality are no surprise in today's political climate. Far-right groups are mobilizing around the southern US border, even prompting internal warnings from military planners about their penchant for erratic behavior, determined to ramp up the militarization of the border in response to the racist fear-mongering from Trump and others.

Jessie's caravan fundraiser is being censored on social media for "going against community standards." Migrants' requests to the United Nations for transit and aid have been denied.

While the caravan has seen many outpourings of solidarity, they're still in need of all sorts of essential resources, including food, clothing, medical supplies, transportation, and other forms of support. And since the caravan is mobile, solidarity efforts need to be agile and meet them where they are. That's where autonomously organized donation efforts like ours come in.

Help us provide essential resources

The Little Village Solidarity Network is working our friend Jessie Sandoval, who is on the ground in Mexico, to provide this caravan of migrants with as many resources as possible. Jessie has been providing valuable frequent updates about the status of the caravan .

Your donation will go directly towards the purchase of food, supplies, and transportation that will help to sustain the caravan as they continue northwards towards the US border. Since our contacts are moving with the caravan, they'll be able to take stock of exactly what items and support people need the most right now.

Want to get involved with LVSN?

Contact us or check out our Facebook and Twitter to learn about our ongoing campaign against migrant child detention in Chicago and our mutual aid projects in support of workers and tenants.

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