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What is the Cowley Club? 

The Cowley Club is a DIY social centre. We're vegan. We're not-for-profit. We're an inclusive space where people can meet, share ideas and organise without being badgered to buy something.

Everyone at the Cowley is a volunteer. We don’t have a boss or a manager making decisions – we all decide collectively how the space should be organised and what we should do next.

The Cowley hosts a vegan foodbank, English-language classes, skill workshops, book talks, live music and much more!

There’s a problem...

Our building is over a hundred years old, and we are facing some costly and urgent repairs. Our income alone is not enough to meet these expenses.

We need to raise enough money to hire contractors, put up scaffolding and pay for materials. If we can't, the building will become unsafe and we won't be able to stay open. We will have to close after 16 years.

...But we have a plan!

We are aiming to raise £11,700 to repair the crumbling plaster on the front on the building, the leaking roof, and the cracked chimneys.

Once the plaster is repaired, we will create a permanent memorial to Anna Campbell (Hêlîn Qereçox) in the form of a mural visible from the busy London Road.

Before travelling to Kurdistan, Anna was a valued volunteer and organiser at the Cowley Club. She was tragically killed while fighting with the Kurdish Women's Protection Unit in 2018.

How can you help?

Every donation helps, no matter how large or small, and all money raised through this crowdfund will be used exclusively for the urgent repairs mentioned above.

We have some amazing perks to thank you for your generosity. You can also visit our website and learn how to set up a regular donation or invest ethically in the Club; this will form part of our regular income and reserves:


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