LEG Energy Hub Hoskins Uniting Church Roof Top Solar Project

By Lithgow Environment Group

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Rev. Matt Trounce: Hoskins Memorial Uniting Church from it's beginning, has had a strong connection, commitment and openess to all people in the area. Our programs serve young families, elderly and those with a disability, amongst others. We have inherited a wonderful legacy in our buildings and gardens.

Hoskins Memorial Uniting Church Activity Building is the hub of all our social programs. It allows us to provide an area for a diverse range of groups and organistions to have a place to meet. Rising energy costs have reduced our opportunities and we want to do more for our community. Many of the vulnerable we serve use our centre as a save haven. It is our hope that we could better provide a cool space in summer, as well as a warm one in our long, cold winters.

We have formed an alliance with Lithgow Environment Group who is in support and is fundraising for our roof top solar project. By raising those funds and reducing our energy costs, we can continue and expand to meet our community needs.

"Here we go", check out our beautiful activity building below and looking inside where all the activities takes place. Hoping you will join us on our journey by supporting and reaching our target of $14,121.50 which will provide a solar system with installation.

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