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Leanne Woodlock and Ricki Hill were the kind of couple people wanted to be around. Leanne with her big dimples and cheeky laugh and Ricki with his quiet sincerity and genuine smile. They were madly in love and when they decided to marry, nobody was surprised.

Ricki & Leanne married on the 14th of June 2014 and life it seemed, could not get any better. That was, until the new Mrs Hill found out she was pregnant. Life was now complete and the happy couple were preparing for their wonderful life together when they hit their first bump in the road.

“At 7 weeks pregnant I was made redundant from the position I had held for over 2 years, which meant I also did not qualify for maternity leave.

All of the savings we had put away for the babies nursery and items we needed instead went on bills while I looked for work. Unfortunately I was unable to find permanent work and was temping right until the baby was due, therefore as soon as I finished work so did one of our incomes.

Things were always going to be tight when the baby arrived with only Ricki working while I took care of baby, but we knew this and prepared and saved as much as we could. It would be tight but we would have Ricki's income so we'd survive.

Tragically only 6 days before Maisie was born, Ricki was electrocuted and killed at home using the family vacuum cleaner while Leanne was at work. And while friends and family grieved this terrible loss, Leanne prepared for a C Section birth so she wouldn’t go into labour at her beloved husbands funeral.

And so on the 14th of May, Maisie Ricki Hill came into the world, healthy, beautiful and named after the father she’d never get to meet. With a heavy heart Leanne took her tiny newborn to Ricki's funeral. In memory of her daddy little Maisie was dressed in an all blacks jersey in support of Ricki's favourite team.

“I was 22 and lucky enough to of met the man of my dreams, little did I know 4 short & wonderful years later we would be married and expecting our first little bundle joy.

Ricki couldn't wait to be a dad. He was a friend to many and an enemy to none, he was kind, funny handsome and loving”.

When a cherished loved one is lost there is a process of grieving that needs to be followed in order for those left behind to heal. But for Leanne, she is given little time to do so. There is the care of baby Maisie, the financial strain and the fear of deportment to contend with leaving only the long nights for her to sit and mourn the loss of her husband.

3 months on, life is tough for Leanne and Maisie. Surviving with the bare necessities, Leanne is afforded no welfare as she is not an Australian Citizen, although she has tried many times. Along with the usual rigmarole of superannuation and life insurance from Ricki’s estate means this beautiful family of two is doing it very tough.

Getting through most weeks with just enough for formula and nappies, Leanne and Maisie need a little bit of help.

And its help that we can give, for as little as a few dollars here and there, shared as far and wide as we each can, will go a long way to giving Leanne and Maisie the fresh start they need.

This wonderful couple gave freely. They loved life, each other and helping out anyone who was suffering a bit of misfortune.

Now it’s our turn to give back.

A small donation from you will help make the everyday struggle for Leanne just that little bit easier. It will allow her to grieve for a husband who isn't coming home and father who never got to hold his baby. It will allow her to find a way to make it through this tumultuous time without worrying about how she will provide the basics for baby Maisie let alone herself.

After you make a donation, we ask that you share this story in the hope that the true Australian spirit of helping someone doing it tough will shine through. We ask for your support to help our beautiful friend.

“Ricki was my soul mate, we did everything together, laughed, cried and loved together.

To call someone perfect is a huge statement but Ricki was, he was MY perfect. I could not have wished for a better soul mate or father to my precious daughter.

Now he has gone and I am so lost and lonely. I am blessed to have Maisie here with me to watch her grow every day, but my heart just longs for Ricki here to watch all her firsts with me.

I have many friends and family around me, but yet I can’t help but feel totally alone. Ricki was the one person who knew me, who loved me like no other and he has gone suddenly, there were no goodbyes no peace of mind. He is just gone.

My heart will ache forever and pine after my one true love, but I will take comfort in the times I get to teach my daughter all about her amazing father”.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

100% of funds raised go directly to Leanne & Maisie to be used on such things as:

* Healthcare, formula, nappies & clothing for Maisie

* Childcare costs so that Leanne can return to work

* Rent

* Setting up an education fund for Maisie

* Apply for residency

* Ricki's outstanding repayments

* A trip to NZ so Ricki's family can meet Maisie for the first time

We are also organising a fundraising event to be held in Brisbane where we will auction prizes donated by generous businesses such as, Stefan's, Disney & the Brisbane Lions to name a few to further fundraise for Leanne & Maisie. For information on tickets or to donate items for auction please email: [email protected]

The #ChangingLivesProject is an Australian Not-for-profit entity with the mission to help the most at-risk, impoverished and distressed members of our society. You can find out more by visiting: www.changinglivesproject.com.au or www.facebook.com/changinglivesproject

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