Latin American Cultural Centre

By Spanish Speakers Association Inc.

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A little bit of context

Latin American culture is in high demand. Australians of all backgrounds are very interested in Latin America and learning about its fascinating culture and customs. From music, dance, arts, language and food, Latin America has a lot to offer. 

But there’s a problem

Very few Canberrans get the chance to visit and learn first hand about Latin America and its culture. The ones that do get to go feel that they need to be prepared at home before going by learning some basic language skills or cultural protocols. For those that come back, they feel that their experience and what they learnt is now part of them and who they are, so they want to continue enjoying these cultural expressions such as the music, dance food or even practice their Spanish.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are opening the first ever Latin American Cultural Centre in Canberra. We already have the space, all we need is to fix it so it serves its purpose. It is an old preschool in Red Hill that will look great when we make the changes. 

Once it is open it will be a hub for Latin American Culture. It will support all sorts of groups that are already promoting the culture but giving them a space where they can thrive. Here you will find Spanish classes, Tango, Bachata, Salsa, Zouk, Zumba dance lessons. Mexican cooking workshops, Handcraft markets. You will be able to watch Latin American films and find books. Latin American artists will use the space to showcase their works. The Spanish Pioneros scouts will also find a place here to do their fun activities. There will  be space for the older generation to gather and for the young to celebrate fiestas.

But we want the centre to be more than just bricks and mortar, we want a place full of life, a space where community can come together to share and learn. A project that will transend current generations and become something bigger that is part of the fabric of our society where tolerance and diversity will be valued and cherised. 

You can join us

We need $27,000 to make it happen. The Spanish Speakers Association Inc. will donate $10,000 so we just need to find another $17,000. Here is what we will do:

- A new paint job ($1,500). A new coat of paint goes a long way to change a place.

- Make some adjustments to the toilets ($1,500). Visitors are always fussy about these things so we want our toilets to look great.

- Portable dividers ($6,000) to use the space in many different configurations that can be changed easily. From small classrooms to large dance spaces.

- Interactive whiteboards ($6,000) for our students to have a great learning experience.

- Airconditioning ($3,000), because during those hot summer days we all want to be cool.

- New vinyl or laminate floor ($3,000)

- Signage ($3,000). We want everybody to know where we are and where to find us.

- Tables and Chairs ($600) will be used by students. 

- Computers and other electronic equipment ($1,200).

- Desks ($200).

Please help us make this dream happen. 

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

If you donate:

$25 you get one hour free Ositoscool Spanish class and an Ositocool pencil

$50 you get 20% off your next 10 week course at Ositoscool

$100 40% off your next 10 week course at Ositoscool

If you dont want to donate money that's cool. We are also accepting in kind donations, furniture, Kitchen utensils, decorations, fittings or any of the items listed in our activities above. Just get in contact with us at to see how you can help.

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