Larapinta Extreme Walk; Supporting women of the NPYWC

By Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Womens Council (Aboriginal Corporation)

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223kms over 11 days to raise >$50,000 to enable the indigenous women of today protect the cultural heritage for the indigenous women of tomorrow

Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women's Council (NPYWC) supports 26 desert communities throughout 350,000 sq km of WA, SA and the NT.

Our Challenge

We realise it's an ambitious target but we want to raise $50,000. And all funds raised go direct to NPY Women's Council.

A volunteer team of walkers and support crew from across Australia will come together in May 2015 to tackle an extreme walk event at our own cost. We will walk the length of the Larapinta Trail from Mt Sonder to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory – a distance of 223kms over mountainous desert terrain. And we want sponsors!

Meet a few of our dedicated team members:

The Walk

The Larapinta Trail takes in well known landmarks such as Stanley Chasm, and finishes at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Along the way we will experience outdoor living with minimal 'creature comforts', camping under a sea of stars in the outback night and striving through stunning desert scenery by day.

Averaging 20km a day over challenging terrain we aim to complete the trail in 11 days. This is a challenge as the trail is generally completed in 16-20 days. We know this event will truly test each one of us, but each step will be easier knowing that we are making a difference in these women's lives.

Our Goal

The survival of the NPY Women's Council annual Law and Culture meeting is a critical element both in the fight to preserve Australia's Indigenous culture and in our national journey to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia.

This event is extremely expensive to run and existing government funding is inadequate. Each meeting costs in excess of $50,000 including transportation, camping facilities, insurance and catering. Attendees come from locations that are vastly remote incurring prohibitive travel expense.

How Can You Help!
Rewards and recognition of your support:

** If you are sponsoring an individual walker or support crew member you can write a personalise message to them during the donation process!

Important Note: Additional charges / quarantine restrictions may apply to perks that need to be sent outside of Australia

Other ways to show your support:

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We have loads to organise before our big walk, events to arrange, sponsors to find and fundraising to do! Contact us on LarapintaWalk

Visit our website

Our Cause
In 1980 Aboriginal women of the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) lands formed the NPY Women's Council giving a voice to Anangu and Yarnangu women and their families from 26 desert communities throughout 350,000 sq km of WA, SA and the NT. At its core, NPY Women's Council is all about family and community, addressing issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence, child protection, policing, and the needs and aspirations of young people.

Integral to the Council's work is their Law and Culture meetings, allowing women to pursue a part of life that is quite separate from that of their men, strengthening their ties with one another, their land and important sites. Law and Culture Meetings are considered one of the most empowering, unifying and important aspects of these women's lives and provide an opportunity to:
exchange of traditional knowledge; celebrate women's law through dance and ceremonial cycles;

promote the valued status of senior Aboriginal women from the regions' communities; strengthen the connection of younger women to their heritage and cultural practices; and reunite families and friends from across the wide reaching NPY communities, sharing in rituals of celebration, reconciliation and grief that they are not able to share through the year due to the vast distances normally separating them.

“From different places, we're all women We all hold strong Tjukurpa and we don't want to see our culture lost.
We must keep teaching our young girls the Laws of our grandmothers because we want them to carry it into the future.We must sort out our problems and we must speak out strongly.That's why we started our Women's Council. If we don't talk up for ourselves, our rights, we get nowhere."

Tjunmutja Myra Watson (dec) 1980

Keeping in touch
We will be posting regular updates on our social media sites on how are training is tracking, upcoming calendar events, fundraising milestones and how your donation has made a difference to the NPYWC and the communities that they support.

Visit our website

And don't forget to visit the NPY Women's Council website for further information on who they are and the amazing work they do.


A tax deductible receipt will be issued for any donations of $2 or more, at the end of the event in May'15. However if you should require the receipt earlier or have any questions please contact us at LarapintaWalk

Note: The recommended retail value of material goods or perks will not be deductible for taxation purposes.

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Team Members

A dedicated group of volunteers