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En Passant is the most left wing daily blog in Australia. Commenting intelligently on issues that arise in Australian and international politics from a revolutionary perspective, it aims to provoke debate and discussion among more left wing and socialist readers and activists. Its aim is to arm left wing readers with arguments against the latest capitalist atrocities and outrages.

I have been writing the blog, and railing against war, poverty, austerity, climate change injustice, Islamophobia, racism, sexism, and oppression (among other issues) since 2008. In short, I have railed against capitalism and all that is rotten flowing from it.

Not only that but I argue a way forward. We can make the world a better one through our own mass actions. Through our strikes, our demonstrations, our pickets, our boycotts, our sit-ins, we can change the world. These are examples of the fight for democratic socialism, of socialism from below.

We can and must fight in the here and now but ultimately to get rid of war, exploitation and oppression we need a world where production is organised democratically to satisfy human need, not to make a profit. That is socialism. All of us together can run our world.

If you want to keep alive a blog that makes the arguments every day against the ravages of capitalism and keeps alive the flame of democracy and community, make a donation to help cover my costs. And of course please read my blog, En Passant at Enjoy.

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