Keep Graeme Dunstan on the hop.

By Rebecca Horridge

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Graeme observes that the upside fruit of a life of simplicity and activism is a host of uplifting friends. The downside is the absence of health insurance.

Graeme has been a full time nomadic activist for over 17 years now, living in a battered old tradie van he calls Peacebus. Peacebus has vivid signage on the side, bamboo flag poles and horn speakers on the roof racks, and inside under his bunk, an amp, crates of banners and flags and the where with all for occupying public place and making popular resistance heard and seen.

Peacebus migrates with the seasons and Graeme rolling through creative residencies of painting banners, making flags and lanterns, organising and other to organise, beautiful and culture transforming events.

Long hospital waiting lists do not favour this lifestyle, too uncertain for far advance commitments.

But now the pain of an arthritic hip becomes too much for him and he turn to his friends for help.

Peacebus is presently in Rockhampton visible and vocal in resistance to US-Oz war rehearsals at Shoalwater Bay. A hip replacement can be had there within three weeks but at a cost - $25K.

His Peacebus companion, Rebecca Horridge, has offered to underwrite the cost but she is appealing to the friends of Graeme and his Peacebus project to help share the load.

Keep the old hippie hopping. He is still continuously doing creative and inspiring actions all over the country.

Find all about Graeme at his website at

Phone: 0406375401

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