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By George Julian

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Connor Sparrowhawk, known as Laughing Boy online, was a fit and healthy young man who loved buses, London, Eddie Stobart and speaking his mind. He lived in Oxford and was in the sixth form of a local special school. LB was diagnosed with autism, learning disabilities and epilepsy. LB was admitted to hospital in March 2013 and 107 days later he drowned in the bath.

JusticeforLB campaign

LB's family and friends, under the banner of JusticeforLB, have relentlessly sought to get answers and accountability for his entirely preventable death. Four years on, the glacial pace of NHS accountability is finally progressing and in two weeks the General Medical Council hearing into the psychiatrist responsible for LB’s care is being held in Manchester. The hearing is expected to last two weeks.

We live tweeted the two week jury inquest in October 2015 @LBInquest. This provided a real time link to supporters and interested parties, while also building an archive of what was discussed and a level of transparency often lacking in our judicial processes.

Live tweeting from the GMC

We are now hoping to live tweet (or blog daily if that proves impractical) from the GMC hearing. This will enable JusticeforLB supporters to keep track of what is happening, and will also ensure that there is an independent record of what happens at the tribunal.

You can help

There are some very basic costs associated with our plans for JusticeforLB live tweeting. We need to raise at least £1,450 to cover:

Travel: 2 return train trips x £150

Subsistence: 10 days x £15

Overnight accommodation: 10 nights x £100

Any additional funds raised will be kept for campaign expenses associated with future hearings and court cases, such as the upcoming Health and Safety Executive prosecution.

Please give whatever you can afford, every penny will help.

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