In A Heartbeat ...Prevent, Predict, and Detect Heart Disease

By No More Broken Hearts

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A little bit of context

On September 23, 2013 Dean Dupuy died suddenly at age 46.  No warning. No health risks. No family history of heart disease.  In fact, he had recently had his annual physical and was in excellent health.  He was not overweight, did not smoke, and was physically active (a runner, mountain bike rider, hockey player, and skier) with normal blood pressure, and normal cholesterol.  Dean did not demonstrate any risk factor that would prompt his doctor to order a Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring (CACS) scan.  Yet, when Dean’s cause of death was revealed, it was determined that even though Dean passed all of the benchmarks for a healthy body, there was a life-threatening level of plaque blocking the vital arteries of his heart.  On the day that Dean died, without any signs or symptoms, the plaque in his heart ruptured--causing a sudden and, sadly, fatal heart attack.


But there’s a problem

Although preventable, 50% of those of us who exerience a heart attack have no known history of heart disease. The numbers are staggering! Each year, 1.5 Million heart attacks and strokes derail the lives of Americans.

Leading heart doctors agree that CACS scans can detect heart disease early and before other commonly used tests. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover CACS. Furthermore, CACS scans are expensive  and inconvenient to obtain. Even with an abnormal CACS, it can be difficult to know what to do with that result.  


Here’s what we’re doing about it

After 3 years of searching for a solution, I found allies focused on solving this problem. Led by a health tech startup called trineOMICS, we set a Bold Goal:  Provide 1,000,000 adults with their heart disease risk!

Out solution consists of:  

Prevent development of disease by identifying those with a genetic predisposition before disease deveops.

Predict occurrence of disease the nest 5 years

Detect presence of disease through user friendly, accessible, mobile CACS that can go where the need is.

Diagnose disease and access Specialists

Treat disease

Engage the individual

A Health Coach will help each individual through the process from Prevent to the Treat. 

With national success, we can poistively impact hundreds of thousands of of lives and families in our country alone.  


You can join us

Out pilot will demonstrate how this can be done esily in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley between November 2017 - Feb 2018.

 health coach, online questionnaire (HRA), biometric measurements, bloodwork, health portal to view your results

 ancestry and heart disease risk score from your saliva sample

 heart scan (CACS) on an accessible mobile coach bus 

We kicked of the In A Heartbeat (TM) campaign at the No More Broken Hearts Annual Gala on Sept 29th in San Jose!


We are in the media

San Francisco 101.3 Marcus and Sandy 

Bay Area Focus

San Jose Mercury News


Let's Chat!


Bob Trine MBA, Co-Founder @ trineOMICS 

Van Krishnamoorthy MD, Co-Founder @ trineOMICS


In A Heartbeat is a Trademark of trineOMICS, Inc.



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