Tuk-Tuk Outreach to Combat Disease in Rural Cambodia (1726 HHA)

By World Relief Australia

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World Relief Australia is raising funds to provide COVID-19 specific hygiene outreach to community members in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia. The sad reality is, many of our community members don't know how to adequately protect themselves against this virus, or have the funds to purchase soap for their families.

World Relief Australia's program partners (including Human and Hope Association), have been running hygiene workshops in their community for eight years. This has created a trust with their community who will happily attend their workshops.

The Tuk-Tuk Outreach Program aims to stop community spread of COVID-19 in five target communes with high poverty rates in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia. It will provide essential hygiene education to 9,500 families and liquid soap and face masks to 1,000 families.

Three cases of COVID-19 have already been diagnosed in one of the target villages. Low levels of educational attainment and multi-dimensional poverty experienced by a high proportion of the community means there is poor understanding of good hygiene practices critical to preventing further spread of COVID-19. With the downturn of the Cambodian economy, poverty is increasing in these villages in which many already live on less than USD $1.25 a day (39.1% in Reul Commune), and there is no government support for the unemployed. Access to liquid soap, which has seen a sharp price increase during the pandemic, is an impossible luxury for many.

Working with Commune Chiefs, we will convey vital information from the World Health Organisation about how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Information about self-protection, shopping and working in wet markets and practising food safety will be conveyed via loudspeaker by trained Human and Hope staff in tuk-tuks (a mode of transport), repeated three times every 10 minutes in each of the communes’ villages.

1000 bottles of liquid soap and 5000 washable, reusable face masks will be distributed. These masks are made by graduates of our sewing program, creating employment whilst also reducing the number of single-use masks used in the community.

In the long-term, this project will instill lasting knowledge about virus prevention into the community, so they are well-equipped to live long and healthy lives.

Expected Outcomes

This outreach is expected to reach 9,500 Cambodian families in one month, which is approximately 38,000 individuals. Human and Hope works with a participatory approach, alongside local leaders, ensuring responsibility and ownership of hygiene practices is embedded at the community level.

Expected outcomes include:

    • Up to 38,000 individuals will have increased knowledge from credible sources of practical preventative measures to keep themselves and their families safe in a variety of situations. This is expected to slow and reduce rates of community infection.
    • 1,000 families most in need (as determined by our trained local staff who have been working in the community for six years) will have access to face masks and liquid soap. We estimate this will provide 5000 individuals with increased capacity to prevent COVID-19.
    • 10 women will generate an income to support their families through the COVID-19 downturn by producing the face masks for distribution.
    • These will be reduced usage of single-use face masks, preventing approximately 10,000 masks from going to landfill.
    • General increased knowledge and practice of preventative hygiene in the five target communes is expected to decrease the incidence of other illnesses, reducing additional health risk factors, and decreasing the need for hospitalisation for other illnesses.

Over the longer term, better hygiene practices are expected to reduce illness and preventable deaths in the communities, and increase educational performance of children. The impacts of good hygiene on educational attendance (reduced days of illness due to diarrhoeal diseases) is well documented.

Who are our Program Partners?

Human and Hope Association (HHA) is a Cambodian-run NGO that conducts education, vocational training and community development projects, targeting the poorest and most vulnerable women and children in rural communities.

Human and Hope Association Incorporated (HHA Inc) is the Australian-based fundraising partner of HHA, registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). We advocate for a local approach to development, as we strongly believe local people are the subject matter experts.

What's your governance like?

Human and Hope Association Incorporated is committed to good governance, including financial accountability, quality improvement, risk management, strategic planning and evaluation. We monitor and evaluate the success of the programs we fund in achieving their outcomes and publicly report on their impact on the lives of participants and the local community. Some specific governance and accountability mechanisms include:

  • A partnership agreement between HHA and HHA Inc
  • A privacy policy that follows the Data Protection Principles of the New South Wales Privacy Committee
  • HHA’s annual report, including program outcomes and financial statements
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of individual programs
  • HHA publishing monthly finances on its website
  • HHA providing monthly program updates to HHA Inc
  • HHA Inc conducting an annual monitoring visit to Cambodia
  • Regular auditing of HHA accounts by the Board Treasurer (3 monthly audits and monthly random checks)
  • Annual external auditing of HHA Inc accounts
  • HHA publishing ethical standards on its website
  • Ensuring staff abide by a Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy
  • Implementing a strict visitor policy at HHA to ensure our community feels safe
  • Requiring HHA staff and HHA Inc board members to declare any conflicts of interest.

Thank you for supporting our tuk-tuk outreach! With your donation, we can empower a community in rural Cambodia to prevent the spread of disease.

World Relief Australia is the trustee of the World Relief Overseas Aid Fund. Australian donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt issued by the World Relief Overseas Aid Fund at the end of the financial year.

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