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What is Hugs 4 Bears?

Hugs 4 Bears is a movement working to raise awareness and funding for organisations helping to rescue and rehabilitate exploited bears.

There are over 10,000 bears trapped in appalling conditions in bear bile farms in Asia. Countless thousands are illegally hunted and exploited for body parts in traditional medicine as well as for inhumane pet markets.

Tens of thousands more bears are used for cruel entertainment and held in inhumane conditions in substandard zoos and collections.

On top of all this, bears in the wild face increasing pressures with habitat loss and killings from encroaching human communities.

By donating and supporting us, you can help us raise not only much needed funds, but also awareness of this sad and terrible plight of the bears.

What can I do to raise awareness?

You can do something simple and positive to change this. Watch as our mascot Hugo shows you how you can help spread awareness to the bears in these sad plights!

STEP 1 : Give out a bear hug today and share it with us!

Just like how you've seen Hugo do it, take a photo of yourself hugging anyone or ANYTHING! Share your unique hug (the crazier the better!) on social media.

Tag us #hugs4bears and @hugs4bears

Then tag your friends to do the same.

STEP 2 : Donate if you can!

And don't forget to donate so we can help the thousands of bears and animals in need, they also deserve the comfort of your hug and donation :)

Your effort and money will be channelled directly to:

Free The Bears Fund

and Wild Welfare

These two hardworking organisations directly help improve the welfare of bears in captivity and assist in conservation and lobbying efforts for their protection.

Go on and give out a bear hug!

And share the hug with everyone social media.

Love & Big Bear Hugs xxxooo

From the #hugs4bears team

p.s. support us on...

Facebook: Hugs 4 Bears

Twitter: @hugs4bears

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