Help me bring this beautiful family home to Biloela, QLD

By Angela Fredericks

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Help me bring this beautiful family home to Biloela by putting up a massive billboard right in the heart of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s Brisbane electorate!

My name is Angela. I live in a little central Queensland town called Biloela. In March, Border Force took my friend Priya, her husband, Nades and their two beautiful, Australian-born daughters from our town in a dawn raid.

Trapped in detention

For the last five months, Priya, Nades, three-year-old Kopika and baby Tharunicaa have been trapped in a Melbourne detention centre.

Kopika has no other to children to play with and asks constantly for her Biloela friends. When Priya told me that Tharunicaa took her first steps in detention, my heart just broke.

Priya needs expert legal help

I need your help to send a message to the people with the power to make Mr Dutton listen.

But first, I need to make sure Priya has expert legal representation when she appeals to the Federal Court on 27 August.

Our first goal of $10,150 will help Priya engage a legal team with expertise in Australia’s complex, ever-changing immigration law, giving Priya and three year old Kopika the best chance for a positive legal outcome.

But we can't stop there

Incredibly, Australia’s confusing, contradictory immigration system means that Border Force could tear Priya’s family apart. Husband Nades and baby Tharunicaa could be forced from Australia – even if Priya’s appeal succeeds.

That's why I need your help to deliver a message Mr Dutton can’t miss. A further $10,065 will pay for a massive billboard a few hundred metres down the road from Mr Dutton’s electorate office in Strathpine, Queensland.

Let's bring this family home

I know how much this beautiful family is loved and wanted by the people of Biloela, where they have lived for over three years.

And I know that under Australian law, Mr Dutton could intervene to bring this beautiful family home to Biloela at any time.

That’s why I’m asking you to chip in towards our total goal of $20,215 to help us take Priya’s story to the people with the power to make Mr Dutton listen - the fellow Queenslanders he represents.

PS With your help, I know that we can achieve this goal. But if for any reason we can’t go ahead with the billboard, we’ll use every dollar over $10,065 to get the message to Mr Dutton’s constituents in whatever way we can: targeted facebook advertising, a full-page open letter in the local press … maybe even skywriting?

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