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A little bit of context

Police are going to be conducting nightclub raids across Melbourne until August 2017.  In one weekend, Police laid 20 charges, interview 129 people, and checked 172 cars.

There will be no warning before they search a venue, and this will include checking patrons in the line before they have entered.

No support is being provided to the affected nightclubs or nightclub attendees that centred around harm reduction.


Founded Nevena Spirovska spoke to Tom Eliott on 3AW Drive about the importance of this campaign and why cops, dogs, and nightclubs don't mix together!


But there’s a problem

Many people don't understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to dealing with police, especially when drugs and alcohol involved.

A lot of misinformation exists, which can often put people into complicated legal situations.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Founded by Nevena Spirovska High Alert is an apolitical, independent, grassroots campaign that will provide factual and accessible legal information to people who may be caught up with Operation Safenight.

Our campaign includes our website, social media platform, nightclub material, and 'High Alert' hotline.

The team behind 'High Alert' comprises of drug-law reform experts, anti-prohibitionist campaigners, healthcare professionals, and legal advisers that all believe in evidence-informed, harm-reduction measures.

You can join us

By donating money to the campaign, you will be part of re-framing the 'war on drugs.' 

When discussing the 'war on drugs', even retired Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay has said, "we can't arrest our way out of this."

You will also be providing direct support to young people who don't have access to legal information

Follow us on Facebook and via our website.


By contributing to this campaign, you will be the first receive the factual, legal information from 'High Alert.'

You will also be acknowledged as a contributor on our website.


We are taking real action against the use of sniffer dogs.

Sign our official e-petition calling on the Government to stop using drug detection dogs!

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