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Untitled Document Official statistics show that Botswana has the second highest HIV prevalence in the world among sexually active adults 15-49 year olds - 23%

The HERO to ZERO campaign is supporting the Botswana Government's initiative to reach ZERO new HIV infections by 2016.

This goal can only be achieved through the implementation of robust, comprehensive and sustained HIV/AIDS prevention programmes and interventions that address the gaps in the current national prevention efforts.

The HERO to ZERO Campaign

While in Botswana in 2013, HERO Founder, Dustin Leonard, and Medical Scientist, Kabo Matlho, learned that the barrier to using a condom wasn’t always due to lack of knowledge or willingness, it was that people didn’t want to use the freely distributed condoms. The issue here is that these condoms aren’t made quite the same as the condoms we are spoiled with in the Western world. They smell - in fact its said that you can tell your mates have had sex earlier that day just from the smell that lingers after using one. They also break often. And if that’s not enough they also don’t feel nice to use. Now what’s the point of sex if you can’t even enjoy it?!

About HERO Condoms

HERO is a new condom company that’s core business is built on social responsibility and sustainability. The concept is simple: For every condom sold in Australia, one is donated to a developing country.

The first country we identified as needing the most help, and most condoms, is Botswana. So in 2013 we went to Botswana to establish our beneficiary partnerships and witness first hand the effects that HIV / AIDS has on the local community. Through talking to Government bodies and NGO’s, we learnt the deeper issues around condom use and it was then we knew we couldn't just donate condoms to the right places, we needed to go one step further and actually research what the local people wanted in a condom and produce something everyone would WANT to use and can trust.

You can view our trip here

Our HERO to ZERO Goal

Create a custom condom especially for Botswana to help increase condom use and help Botswana reach their goal of ZERO new HIV infections by 2016.

Our Game Plan – Botswana

Our Game Plan - Australia 

GET ON SUPERMARKET SHELVES – To ensure that Botswana has a consistent supply of quality condoms, HERO condoms needs to be stocked in the larger retailers who sell the lions share of condoms in Australia. Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Priceline and 7Eleven account for approximately 75% of condom sales in Australia. Your support will help us get onto their shelves and provide a consistent supply of free quality condoms to Botswana.

With HERO’s one for one business model, every condom sold in Australia will result in a condom being donated to Botswana. So the more we sell, the more we will donate!

Why you should Be A HERO:
  • We HELP REDUCE the effect of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Our packaging is made out of 100% RECYCLED materials.
  • We are moving in LEAPS AND BOUNDS – we started as a student project back in April 2012, and are now stocked in over 900 stores nationwide, and soon landing on IGA shelves across Australia!
  • We’ve WON AWARDS…Retail Pharmacy “Product of the Month"; #7 Australian Social Entrepreneur and Game Changer of 2013; Best Social Change Entrepreneur of 2014 (Finalist); #14 Australian Social Crusader and Change Maker of 2014; Winner of Eros Shine Awards ‘Best Condom Brand’ and ‘Best New Australian Adult Business’.
  • We have AWESOME AMBASSADORS on our team including front man of The Used, Bert MCracken, safe-sex advocate Madison Messina, and Professional Football player Adam Griffiths. 

What Happens if The Campaign Raises over $100,000?

And best of all IF WE RAISE OVER $100,000 we will select a winner to come with the HERO team to Botswana! That’s right, you can join Bert, Adam, Madison and Dustin on a trip to Botswana to help distribute HERO’s next batch of donations.




So join us, be a HERO, help us get to ZERO, by donating directly to our cause or by donating to enter one of our perks packages on the right of this page! 

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