Help the Asylum Seekers Dutton aims to starve out

By Vicki Ross

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A little bit of context

We are raising urgent funds to help friends we met at MITA (detention centre in Melbourne) that are facing destitution because of Dutton.

Imagine needing to flee your county due to war, ethnic cleansing or other human rights abuses.

Then imagine arriving in a country full of freedoms that were not available to you, only to be locked up in a detention centre for 4 years.

You finally receive a small amount of freedom in Community Detention, but cannot work, study or visit friends overnight overnight without permission.

Then comes another kick!

The Federal Government imposes the abhorrent 'Final Departure Bridging Visa E' which renders you homeless and stripped of your $20 a day allowance.

You have not been able to work for years (and never in Australia) but are expected to find a job and home in 3 weeks.

You are also told that you need to make plan to go back to the country you fled or to the place you were evacuated from (Nauru or Manus) after serious illness, injury or sexual violence.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We know that there are many compassionate and empathetic people that also find this situation abhorrent. Agencies like the ASRC are providing housing and food, but we want to create a further safety net so our friends can pay for the things we take for granted.

You can join us

Any donation small or large, will help ease the burden being placed on Asylum Seekers and Refugees affected by the Final Departure Bridging Visa E.

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