Helping the dumped buns of Vegas

By Stacey Taylor

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Bunny Dumpsites in Vegas...

Vegas has a few dumping grounds for rabbits.. myself and many  volunteers go daily to feed and water the 600-1000 rabbits at the largest dumpsite. We rescue when space and funding allows us to, or when we find any needing immediate medical care.

It's a big problem....

As many of you know, the heat in Vegas is brutal in the summer and rabbits don't fair well in the heat or outdoors period! The largest dumpsite has a few grass areas but the majority of the land is dead grass or rocks. Many buns fall ill or die due to the hot weather, predators & lack of nutrition. While our goal is to save them all, sadly vetting & relocating 600-1000 isn't an easy task. We can only take in so many as we are all working out of our homes and our hearts.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

This started as a small Facebook page that I created to try to bring awareness to the huge bunny dumping problem in Las Vegas.  Over time, many bunny lovers have joined me in my crusade to help them. We are a growing and passionate group who tries to responsibly rescue as many as we can and to keep the ones we can't rescue as healthy as possible until they can be rescued. Our volunteers go to the site daily to feed, water, and check on the buns. We go once daily sometimes twice when it's extremely hot. Most feedings are 50 lbs of pellets or more, lots of greens and always fresh water. Our efforts have been rewarded by seeing how much healthier the buns are since we started our daily routine over a year and a half ago but we still have a LONG ways to go!

Our team goal is to one day be able to relocate all of these buns into loving homes or rescues. 

You can join us

We are always happy to have more volunteers to feed and water or foster.

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