Help me unlock young refugees' potential

By Emma Sinclair MBE for Unicef UK

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Right now, 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes. They’re missing out on the chance to fulfil their potential – their lives are on hold at a time when they should be free from worry and in education, preparing for their future. This is unfair. Devastating. And something we can help address.


About Me

My name is Emma Sinclair. I'm a serial entrepreneur, currently co-founder of alumni software company EnterpriseAlumni, and am working with Unicef UK as a Business Advisor. Together we've launched Unicef UK's first crowdfunding initiative. Our initial project is to support aspiring young entrepreneurs in Azraq refugee camp, Jordan.

These young people have faced unimaginable hardships; many have lost their family, their friends, their chance to go to school. And we can help. 

We’re raising funds to help roll out innovation labs, where these young people can receive support, seed funding and training in highly-sought-after digital skills.

The next Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg or Sergey Brin can come from anywhere. Unless these young refugees have access to training and opportunities, they may never realise their potential. Here in the UK we benefit from a strong ecosystem supporting people who want to start a business; I want to create a similar environment for those in refugee camps with similar aspirations.

Please join me in unlocking the potential of these young people.

You can join us

I'm raising funds to support this forward thinking initiative. Between 18 September and 9 October we raised over £58,000 during a 3 week crowdfund campaign but as it touched so many people who wanted to help on a longer term basis this page will remain open.

I've seen first hand the incredible difference these innovation labs have on the lives of young refugees in Jordan who fled the Syrian crisis and find themselves in very challenging circumstances.

I'd love your support to help me reach my target to offer them an opportunity to learn vital digital and business skills. 

Here's how the money you donate could be spent: 

  • £35 could train a young refugee in social innovation;
  • £100 could help coach and mentor a young refugee as they develop an innovative idea;
  • £1,200 could provide training for four young refugees in creative media, engineering and coding;
  • £10,000 could help provide seed funding for an innovative product or business;
  • £50,000 could equip and run an innovation lab for a year.


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