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By Slippry Sirkus Inc. - ArtWomb

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Art creates change and ArtWomb is spreading art

We know participation in and enjoyment of the arts leads to greater well being. We know that creativity sparks change. We know our world needs change.

ArtWomb aims to reach as many people as possible and get them to switch on the other side of their brain through music and art.

Launched in Toronto in 2006, ArtWomb combines an open stage with a collaborative canvas and a space full of sketch books. Original music and improvisation from the stage feed the visual arts being created around it. Each ArtWomb event adds to the ArtWomb collection which be shared through an online catalogue sharing the art and stories of the communities we work with.

Artwomb, under the umbrella of Slippry Sirkus has been running in Australia in the Byron Bay region since 2014 and we are now gearing up to hit the road.

But there's a problem

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to nurture your soul and community connections.

We believe ArtWomb will serve as a reminder and inspiration. Yet we also know it is important that we have creative tools of a quality standard so that people can experience what their best could be.

One problem we now face is how to build our full stage kit to give people from all walks of life access to high quality creative tools.

We did secure some funding for a new PA system and a trailer from the ETC Community Grant to get us on the road but we need more instruments.

We also need support to get our online cataloguing of work set up effectively so we can share our beautiful back catalogue and all the new art being created.

Here's what we are doing about it

We are going to take Artwomb into communities and events across Australia offering people a safe and inspiring space to explore and share their creativity.

We will give people a chance to create together using tools of a high standard.

We are going to reignite their sense of adventure and encourage people to think differently.

We are going to connect people through art and music and build strong communities.

We are going to expand our stage kit to include a quality digital drum kit (to allow for quality recording), a percussion pit and range of percussion instruments that opens the opportunity for a wider range of involvement at an ArtWomb session.

We are going to set up a post production framework and online catalogue system that will ensure art from our sessions is shared and that people can stay conneccted through ArtWomb as a platform. This will also assist in creating avenues for ArtWomb to raise revenue through sales of prints.

You can join us

We want to raise $5000 which will equip us to get on the road with ArtWomb in 2019 and set up our online catalogue. Your support will allow us to;

- Purchase a new electronic drum kit enabling effective use of space and the opportunity for quality recording.

- Purchase a range of percussion tools that widen the opportunity for participation by all even with no musical background

- a restock of paint brushes and sketching tools

- road cases for our amps

- Sexure expert support in setting up our online catalogue

If you believe everyone deserves music and that creative expression is a powerful tool, then support our campaign today!

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Bask in the knowledge that you are inspiring change and nurturing creativity in the world around you...however if that is not enough...

Our umbrella organisation Slippry Sirkus is a charity with Deductible Gift Recipient Status so any donation over $2 is tax deductible.

Enjoy downloads of some of the freshest art and music being created in Australia.

Receive a thankyou postcard featuring amazing art from our sessions

If you donate $5000 we'll work with you to host an ArtWomb in the community setting of your choice.

Any funds raised over $5000 will go into continuing to support the operation of ArtWomb and allowing us to engage with new communities and artists.

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Team Members


Denni Scott-Davis

Drow Smith

Manu Low

Penny Geyer

Rebecca Jamieson

Venu Cameron