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In today's cashless society, no-one carries spare change in their pockets. But who wouldn't give a little to help someone out, if an app made it easier?

Help us build our 'round-up' mobile application to change the way the world gives!

The UN's sustainable development goals show us that the world is a place filled with great global challenges: poverty, poor access to health and education.

What if there was a way that technology could help us give more easily, and give in any moment?

Who we are:

We are using TECHNOLOGY to INNOVATE giving and CONNECT people with their causes.

The-Difference is a round-up application that could link your bank account or credit card so that every time you use it, you can support the work of impact organisations that are doing their bit to change things!

Worldwide we make 38.5 Billion transactions a day.

Imagine your insignificant 3 cents change collectively making significant changes to the issues of the world!

Let's make this a reality.

Here's how we do it:

Support our crowdfunding campaign, and share our cause.

About Us :

  • The-Difference : we are a registered NFP charity.
  • Our mission statement:

    To foster philanthropy and caring as an everyday consumer behaviour, while contributing to vetted charities with proven impact.

  • Our values: Trackable, Transparent, Innovative.
  • We aim to give 100% of the profits from our round ups to charity
  • Meet the Team: https://the-difference.org/meet-our-team

What we are developing:

  • We have a working prototype of the mobile application we want to develop further.
  • What will your funding be used to do: - Build a fully functional, secure mobile application for Android and iOS that will allow anyone to donate daily spare change to worthy causes close to their heart.

Five Key Areas of Focus :

  • Five key areas: Health, Education, Poverty, The Environment and Women and Children.

Organisations Partnering with us to test the idea and bring it to market:

  • Water for Africa: A charity that digs wells and provides safe drinking water, to improve the health and lives of the people of Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Homestead for Youth: A NFP working to help at-risk youth, and provide equine therapy and counselling in Perth, Western Australia
  • Greenbatch Foundation: An organisation educating the community around waste and help create a plastic recycling centre right here in WA!
  • Supporting:

We wish to support the work of Transform Cambodia: an organisation dedicated to rescuing children from the streets of Phnom Penh and transforming their lives to become the next future leaders of Cambodia.

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