Put a Tent Over Our Heads

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Medicine for Relationships

Way7 – Hello - IndigenEYEZ is an Indigenous-led project empowering Indigenous peoples. Our popular land-based camps are held outdoors. We train and employ a network of Indigenous creative facilitators who use best practices in community building, the arts, and land-based methodologies to share skills for making positive changes as individuals and as communities. www.indigenEYEZ.com

A Tent Over Our Heads

Help us buy our own Gathering Place tent! Instead of paying out $5,000 each camp in fees, help us invest in our own equipment. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Support Indigenous Youth

Youth is a critical time to develop good habits for life. No one needs this more than Indigenous youth. Colonization rocked the foundations that sustained us for thousands of years. Our kids face higher rates of depression, addiction, violence, and suicide. Too many of them feel isolated and afraid to reach out.

Change Lives

Youth love our camps. They leave feeling more confident, more motivated to learn, and more likely to make positive change in their communities. We see them getting stronger every year!

More Time in the Wilderness

We want to do more camps and take our work to more remote locations. Having our own equipment is key to this. If we don't raise enough to buy a tent, we have a list of other key equipment that is needed for our camp. limlÉ™mt – Thank you

To learn more about IndigenEYEZ, visit our website.

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