Help(NAFA) Rebuild Tawal (Nepal) Remote Health Centre

By Nepal Australia Friendship Association (QLD)

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The need is now

In 2015 earthquakes devastated many villages in remote areas of Nepal. In the village of Tawal families are struggling to rebuild their houses but they also lost their health centre which is still in ruins. The centre was a hub providing vital health services to 3,000 people spread across 5 villages. For over 15 years, the Nepal Australia Friendship Association QLD (NAFA) has been supporting its operation as well as small community infrastructure and projects designed to make the local communities economically self sufficient. With hospitals days away, this remote health centre has played a vital role. The need was amplified during the devastating earthquakes as many people suffered serious and ongoing injuries.

The story of Mika and her mother

One of NAFA's sponsored students, Mika Gole from the small village of Kutal was studying in Kathmandu at the time of the earthquake. At Kutal, Mika's mother had suffered a serious head injury, and lay unconscious. She was treated by the health worker and after a number of days she was helicoptered out. Mika's mother survived but may not have, without the vital help from the remote health worker.

Mika with mother Kanchhi Maya in Dhading field hospital after Kanchhi was flown out of Tawal with a head wound.

The story of health workers Beg and Sunita

The health workers were in different locations when the earthquake struck. Coordinator Beg Tamang was on his way back to Tawal when the road was blocked by a landslide. He quickly returned to the district hospital knowing that it would soon be overwhelmed with victims. Beg would later learn that eight of his relatives perished on that day, Landslides also prevented health worker Sunita from reaching the Tawal health centre so she remained in her village and treated victims.

The Story of Lila, Tarsya and Mitsang

The third health worker, Lila Maya, was the sole nurse in Tawal for the five villages. Despite the dangerous aftershocks, Lila managed to reach the badly damaged health centre and salvage vital medical supplies. She then set about keeping the injured alive. One of the first victims she helped was Tatsya and her small daughter Mitsang. In the nearby village of Ladap, Tarsya was indoors with her two children when her house collapsed. Tarsya's 12 year old son was killed instantly. Tarsya was rendered unconscious and was losing blood from a large gash in her leg. Mitsang lay beside her, also bleeding from cuts. Lila Maya stitched their wounds, administered a drip for Tarsya and stayed all night before leaving to tend others.

72 People died in the Region

In total, 72 people died in this region, while many more were injured. For years, NAFA has been funding the slaries of the three health workers to serve the Tawal area. If it were not for the life saving efforts of these health workers, many more villagers would have perished.

Construction timing

This is urgent: with swift action we can ensure the health of the families in the isolated Tawal area. This area is not getting any government assistance and it relies on NAFA's support.

Funds Required

We need $50,000 to rebuild the health centre. We got off to a good start with $26,000 raised by a generous NAFA supporter who organised a fundraising marathon to raise funds. Your donation will help raise the remainder needed to build the centre.

Current Situation

The health centre was completely destroyed and the health workers are working out of a tent in monsoon conditions.

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