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A little bit of context

The DICE App is a new, fun, but hard hitting personal safety tool, and the brainchild of Sarah Trude. DICE provides a chain of evidence in the event of an incident, a deterent to a would be predator and peace of mind to the users loved ones. You can Check-in either alone or with a companion, and send SOS alerts.

Sarah first had the product idea about 4 years ago. Then 2 years back, during a period of recovery from major cancer surgery she decided to use her time wisely to make the concept a reality. After lots of intense (but fun) deveploment the DICE App was born and she now wants to run a campaign to help our student community take advantage of the technology. One of her key drivers for this campaign is her daughter, Ella, who is currently studying at Edinburgh University.

And Ella is not alone! There are over 2.3 million students away from home in the UK, in exciting and challenging environments, making new friends and exploring new surroundings.

But there’s a problem

This wonderful opportunity also brings with it alarming personal safety issues, especially to new students away from home for the first time. The UK stats are reported as follows:

48% of female, and 26% of male, students have been assaulted. This proportion is significantly higher in the student population than in our wider society and its simply not ok!

Many groups, including mainstream media such as the News at 10 and Sky News, are taking a stand and highlighting the issue, and we want to help!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We want to reach out to as many students as we can and offer them our App FREE for a year, to help them stay safe. To do this we are working with the NUS (National Union of Students), and other organistaions, to spread the word as far and wide as we can.

Giving students the DICE App will help them be safer, will give their friends and family peace of mind and will help the authorities to investigate any incidents that do occur.

We want to make a difference.

You can join us

By helping us to reach students nationwide, YOU can help to keep them safe.

The fact is that whilst we want to give the DICE App to them for nothing, it costs us money to reach them! For example it costs us £50 per university/institution to simply get the NUS to introduce ce us, so that is in excess of £8,000 all on its own. Their newsletters are a fabulous way to reach out but they come in at £2000 per issue, and we'd like to do at least 3 issues. We also need to make some technical modifications to the App, so the students can use it without charge. This all adds up.

We've been succesful in obtaining a grant to help us, so we now need to raise a further £5,000 towards making this happen. We need your help to do that.

Maybe you have a child, or a niece or nephew at Uni...or maybe you employ, or work with, graduates in your business? Perhaps you are appalled by the change in environment that students now face compared to when you studied? Maybe you simply want to help provide a safer environment for the young people gaining their education in this country, and for those that travel abroad.

Whatever your motivation is, we, and they, would be very grateful for your support.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us

First and foremost we will always say thank you, plus you get a mention on our Friends of Buddy Wall if you'd like one! (Buddy by the way is our cool little animated friend who helps users get to know the safety features in the DICE App).

Then for every donation we receive we'll send you a link to the DICE App and the same code we are issuing to the student community, to allow you to download the App and use the free period. If you make a donation on behalf of a company then we'll give you a code that allows all your staff to download it too!

Additionally, for donations of £100 or more we will send you your choice of either a DICE 'Buddy' tote bag or a travel mug. For donations over £1000 we will also visit you in person to say a huge thank you and put your happy "I'm helping our students stay safe" photo up on the Friends of Buddy Wall. If you are outside of the UK we reserve the right to send you a video instead, much as we'd probably love the trip!

So, please help us provide the DICE safety app to our students and help us to keep them safe. All your donations, and social media shares, will genuinely make a huge difference! Thank you.

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