Help Hope raise enough money to register as a British citizen

By Erin

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Thank you! We have reached our target!

*Any money raised over the £936 target will go towards registering other children in Hope's situation as British citizens.*

Hope is a pretty incredible little girl.

She was born in North West London 10 years ago and has lived in the UK her entire life. When Hope turned 10 in December, she became eligible to register as a British citizen, even though her mum does not have indefinite leave to remain. Registering as a British citizen will mean Hope can access post-16 education, entitle her to proper NHS care, and give her freedom of movement, and freedom from fear of deportation or detention for her and her family. The only thing standing in her way is the punitive £936 Home Office fee.

We're trying to raise the £936 to help Hope and her mum.

The fee is cripplingly high, and the Home Office itself admits that the actual cost of registration is only £272, meaning the rest acts purely as a deterrent and hurdle to migrant families already living in poverty. With two other children and no recourse to public funds, this amount is an impossible ask to make of Hope's mum.

Registering as British could change Hope's life.

We are helping Hope's mum to raise this money because we know that it will have a massive effect on their lives. Unfortunately, there are lots of children in the same position in the UK.

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