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Greener Pastures = Happier, Safer & Healthier Animals

Over the past 5 years, we’ve welcomed over 130 horses, cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and pigs to the Greener Pastures Sanctuary and provided them with a loving home. Now it’s their home that’s in need of a little love! Our family is growing and we need your support to help more animals find a happier, healthier and safer life at Greener Pastures Sanctuary!

Set on 100 acres of beautiful and blissful countryside in Waroona, Western Australia; Greener Pastures Sanctuary is a family-run Sanctuary for animals who have been neglected, abandoned, mistreated, abused and rescued from slaughter. It’s a place where animals get to really live, where they’re loved just as much as - if not more! - than any pet. They’ll never be sold for food or fashion.

Instead, they spend their days helping around the house, celebrating their birthdays, bathing in the mud and showing the other animals who really rules the roost!


Don’t sit on the fence, instead get your name on it!

$100 - WILL GIVE YOU YOUR NAME INSCRIBED ON A FENCE POST, a screensaver of one of our piggies, and a thank you video + your name on our social media page.

We show our animals the same love we show our family - and every member of Greener Pastures Sanctuary’s human family mucks in to help. We’re a true family that’s constantly growing with on average 4 new animals joining us every month. That’s why we’re reaching out to invite you to join our family and help us to help more animals. As a registered charity, we rely on the kindness of animal lovers, fellow rescuers, and generous donors to help keep the Sanctuary running for our animals.

Exactly who will you be helping?

Upkeep on a beautiful Sanctuary like ours quickly gets expensive -

  • there's fencing to keep them safe
  • shelters to call home
  • vet bills and food to take care of, not to mention ensuring we can continue to keep welcoming animals by building new enclosures and shelters.

That’s why we want to introduce you to all the amazing and wonderful animals you are supporting. Each and every one of our gorgeous family members has a unique story and personality of their own; whilst we’d love to share them all, here are just a few of our illustrious residents. Of course, if you do want to meet them all, we’d love to welcome you to our VIP Twilight Tour of the Sanctuary as a super supporter of our campaign!

Meet Wombat

Wombat is a very daring and lucky little piggy indeed! Wombat was destined for the slaughter house and as the truck carrying her to her fate sped along the highway, she decided she wanted a different life for herself and leapt from the back of the moving truck.

Though she avoided much worse at the abattoir, Wombat suffered a fractured snout, fractured eye socket and had very serious internal injuries. We almost lost her. Thanks to the extremely kind person who saw her jump and rescued her that night, the team at Mandurah Wildlife Rescue and a LOT of love from our resident pig cuddlers Aurora and Phoenix; Wombat is now a big, loving, healthy pig with a slightly crooked snout, who adores her humans, her favourite foods and of course, mud baths!

The pig crush we’re raising money for is a vital piece of equipment for any farm that keeps animals, allowing us to monitor the health of our piggies and give them vital medications and treatments. You can help us keep Wombat and her friends healthy by donating and getting an awesome perk in return for your generosity!

Meet Jimmy Pig

This is Jimmy Pig. Baby Jimmy found Greener Pastures Sanctuary when he was a tiny piglet. He was found orphaned in the forest in the middle of Winter. He would have surely died if we weren’t able to to welcome him into our Sanctuary. He may be a big guynow but he still loves nothing more than a cuddle on the couch with chief pig belly rubber Aurora, who he has grown up with.

That’s why we need your help to build them a shelter to keep them safe from the sun. By donating $500, you’ll be protecting piggies like Jimmy as well as getting a special, personalised mention on our friends of Greener Pastures Sanctuary page, a personalised shoutout on our social media channels, a thank you video from our very grateful animals, PLUS screensaver and wallpaper downloads and of course regular updates from Jimmy and his pals on the progress of their new shelter.

Meet Vinny

Sadly, when Vinny was young, his mum was hit by a car near Coral Bay, leaving him all alone on the side of the highway. Kind travellers stopped and picked him up and took him on an adventure of a lifetime throughout the north west of Western Australia… Vinny has probably seen more of this country than your average Australian! When they got back to Perth, they realised that Vinny needed room to grow and arranged for him to live at Greener Pastures Sanctuary. He now spends his days hanging out with the dogs and the rest of the Greener Pastures Sanctuary family.

Goats are excellent climbers, often found on the side of mountains and the tops of trees. Unfortunately Vinny loves to display his climbing skills to get out of his enclosure at Greener Pastures Sanctuary. $300 will help us build 10 whole metres of specialist fencing to keep Vinny the mountain climber and his friends safe and sound at the Sanctuary.

Meet Harry

This is handsome Harry, one of 6 cows we saved from slaughter. As a 'beef' cow he was bred to die... but we had other ideas! When we took Harry and his buddies in, we were told he would grow so big and be so unmanageable that we shouldn't save him… Just look at that face! He's a giant teddy bear in reality and now lives a happy, relaxed life with his family. We love this big guy so very much.

Just like Harry Houdini, cows are great escape artists and our old fences are in desperate need of repair so we can keep them safe. Your donation of $300 will help us repair the current fences at Greener Pastures Sanctuary to protect our current and future animal family! As a thank you, we will publish your name on our Friends of Greener Pastures Sanctuary page, give you a personal shoutout on our social media, send you a heartfelt thank you video from our appreciative animals PLUS you’ll get screensaver and wallpapers of your new best friends and of course, regular updates on the fencing project.

Here’s exactly where the funds raised will go.

We have set a target of $29,000 which will be allocated to a number of vital and urgent projects at the Sanctuary, which will help to keep animals like Wombat, Jimmy, Vinny and Handsome Harry happy, healthy and safe.

$2,000 will buy a pig crush for piggy health

Not as scary as it sounds, this crucial piece of equipment helps us keep our piggies in tip top condition. To keep our animals healthy, they require regular check ups. A pig crush is a special piece of equipment that keeps both piggies, their humans and vets safe whilst administering treatments.

Help us keep our piggies healthy by donating an amount of your choice or choosing from our animal-approved perks.

$8,000 will build a piggy shelter to keep them safe from the sun

Pigs are at high risk from skin cancer as their skin is a lot like ours. Pigs absolutely love being outdoors and playing in the mud. Unfortunately, that also puts them at risk of skin cancer, so the pig shelter you help to build will give Jimmy, Wombat and their mates a safe place to frolic out of the sun.

Help us keep our piggies safe from the sun by donating $500 towards the piggy shelter. As a thank you for your generosity, you’ll get a special mention on our Friends of Greener Pastures Sanctuary page, a personalised shoutout on our social media, a thank you video PLUS screensavers and wallpapers of your new mud-loving friends as well as regular updates on the progress of the piggy shelter you have helped to build.

$9,000 will replace the existing fencing to keep our escape artists safe

Keeping our animals happy, healthy and safe is our number one priority at Greener Pastures Sanctuary; and that means replacing the current fencing which is less than ideal. Currently, our resident escape artists are freeing themselves from their enclosures, putting them at risk of injury - or worse.

Help us keep our animal family safe and protected. A donation of $300 will not only replace 10 whole metres of fencing, but will also get your name in lights on our Friends of Greener Pastures Sanctuary page, a special, personalised shoutout on our social media page for the world to see your generosity PLUS screensavers, wallpapers and a heartfelt thank you video from your new furry, feathered and hooved friends, as well as regular updates on the replacement of the old fences you have helps to make a reality.

$10,000 will buy new fencing to rescue, save and welcome more happy animals

Our family is growing, which means we need to as well. In 2018, we’re hoping to add new enclosures which will allow us to rescue even more orphaned goats, dare-devil piglets and animals destined for slaughter. With your help, we can make Greener Pastures Sanctuary a place where animals really, truly live as they are supposed to - happy, healthy and safe.

Help us to help even more animals get to greener pastures by donating $300 to construct new fences at the Sanctuary. New fences aren’t just wood and nails, they’re a scratching post for piggies and horses and a home to keep cows safe, but more than that it’s a chance for you to directly save the life of an animal we are able to rescue thanks to your support. As a token of our immense appreciation, we will give you a special mention on our Friends of Greener Pastures Sanctuary page, a personalised shoutout on our social media page PLUS screensavers, wallpapers and a thank you video from your new family at the Sanctuary - and of course you’ll receive regular updates on the progress of the new enclosures and new residents who enjoy them!

As a registered charity, all of your donations over $2 are fully tax deductible, so whether you help the piggies get their new sun shelter with a generous donation, or donate your month’s pocket money, please know that your support - great or tiny - makes a HUGE difference to us and all of our family.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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