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By Yolanda Foster

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Keep the focus on Justice for Prageeth

Sandya Ekneligoda’s husband, Prageeth, was abducted in Colombo, Sri Lanka in January 2010. Since that day she has campaigned for the truth behind his disappearance. When national efforts failed she has sought justice at the Human Rights Council. Sandya is an amazing campaigner linking her work with other families of the disappeared.

Sandya has kept vigil in court more than 100 times to track progress on Prageeth's habeas corpus case. The pace of justice in Sri Lanka is glacial so life as an activist is a constant struggle to maintain awareness. Sandya’s computer recently stopped working and she needs a way to keep her campaign going online. She has asked for a second hand laptop so she can share updates.

We want to buy Sandya a ‘renovated’ laptop with a case and accessories so she can continue to lobby for justice,

Your contribution will help connect Sandya’s call for justice with a bigger audience.

Join us and help Sandya keep her campaign going online. A donation of £5/10 would be most welcome as this is a focused fundraiser for something specific.

We want to raise £550. We have identified a ‘renovated’ laptop with a guarantee for £350 and we will buy a case and some accessories if we raise a bit more.

All the awesome contributors will receive a photo of Sandya receiving the laptop in December and a short blog with an update on her campaign.

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