#GreyPower Climate Action Fund

By Climate Protectors

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Grey Power - "The political, financial, or social influence of older people"

Inspired by the School Strike 4 Climate, we will take bold and creative nonviolent action to help change the politics of climate change in Australia. With your help we will:

  • Undertake strategic actions and engage voters in three newly marginal LNP electorates
  • Make Federal politicans and parties disclose their currently-secret dealings with Adani and their lobbysists
  • Provide nonviolent action education training to older people
  • Provide BOLD political action opportunities, strategically focussed on the Federal and Queensland Governments
  • Train and support new ‘leaders’ to coordinate bold political actions
  • Support the May 3 #SchoolStrike and #WalkOut with #GreyPower solidarity, including the recruitment of parents and grandparents to attend with their kids/grandkids
  • Build the capacity of #StopAdani groups and work with them to use Grey Power campaign messaging/tactics

Sign up here to be sent action and training opportunities

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