154 x Free Jumping Castles... Please help us do many more!

By Peter Charleton

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Please make a contribution and get your name listed on the "Honor Roll" of our website Click Here-> www.freejumpingcastle.com/Honor-Roll.php It's my way of saying "Thank-you" for your support and ensuring you are remembered for your generosity well after this campaign has closed. 


For those who are not aware, some 18 months ago l started a Free Jumping Castle Service for Knox, Maroondah & The Yarra Ranges. In that short time l have supplied a FREE Jumping Castle on 154+ occassions.

It is fantastic to be able to help parents make their childs birthday that little bit more special and to be able to assist schools, clubs and organisations to run a more profitable fundraising event.

This crowd funding campaign is all about taking things to a new level, helping/touching a broader range of people over a much greater area and ensuring l have additional equipment to ensure this service can continue for a long time to come.

Brief summary

The past 18 months has seen me provide a Free Jumping Castle service on more than 154 occasions to families, kinders, sporting clubs, RSL's and more... FREE!

I only have the 2 x Castles, one of which is getting old and worn and my vehicle is not exactly ideal for transporting the equipment.

This campaign is designed to help make the Free Jumping Castle service a lot more resiliant, reliable and hopefully a lot bigger than it is right now

Detailed summary

To date the Free Jumping Castle service has been provided on more than 154 x occasions and this total should reach 200 plus by years end, with "YOUR" support we will aim for 250 before the end of 2017.

The Free Jumping Castle service has been limited to an area of Melbourne/Victoria (Marondah, Knox & Yarra Ranges) It would fantastic to be able to expand a little further to put more smiles on the faces of many more kids.

This free service has been run on the smell of an oily rag... Some weekends have been more of a struggle than others, but l have managed to keep things going.

Up until recently it was my preference to keep this service going without having to put the hand out for assistance... But the reality is, l do struggle to keep things going and l simply can not afford to be buying new equipment.

This service would become more resiliant to equipment damage and breakdowns, plus the service would be a lot bigger if l could get community (Financial) support.

I hope to raise enough funds to allow for the purchase of additional jumpings castles, blowers and a "Better" suited vehicle (probably a van) and if all goes well l do have a couple of (closely gaurded secret) "Surprises" to ensure this free service becomes even more valued, appreciated and highly regarded by the community than it is right now.

I should point out that l am "Not" a charity and have been simply running this as a business/service which clearly runs at a loss... I have looked into establishing a charity or not for profit organisation but the paperwork and the costs involved have prevented me from going down that path.

Crowd funding target

It would be fantastic to raise $12,000 which would enable the pruchase of 2 or 3 more castles and blowers, plus it would leave enough to purchase a suitable (Used) vehicle to make the running of this service a lot easier for me.

Currently l use my daily driver (Ford sedan and trailer), if l could buy a decent second hand van it would be perfect for transporting multiple castles at the same time.

For clarity, the priority will be 2 or 3 new (Quality Second Hand) Jumping castles... If and "ONLY" if this crowd funding campaign is successful will l then look at buying a decent "Used" van to transport the equipment.

Also, with your support we can take this free community service beyond the boundaries of Maroondah, Knox and The Yarra Ranges.

Consider the benefits!

(1) "MORE" Football, Netball, Cricket, Basketball clubs who wish to have a fundraising/family day could book a Free Jumping Castle to help make their fundraising event even more profitable

(2) "MORE" Parents wanting to do something extra for their child's birthday could book a Free Jumping Castle for their party... and it wouldn't cost the parents a penny!

* The better resourced l am (with additional castles) the more often l could say "Yes, your party/event is booked in for a jumping castle"

Little things can mean so much

While it may seem that a Jumping Castle at a birthday party is nothing to get overly excited about, the truth is the kids "Love" jumping castles and the parents feel tremendous satisfaction knowing that their child's party was that little bit more special for the birthday boy/girl and more enjoyable for all of the kids who came along to celebrate the day.

So yes, having a jumping castle at a party/event is only a little thing, but the benefits, enjoyment and satisfaction is actually quite big.

What the funds will be spent on

I need to purchase additional jumping castles. Having a few more castles would enable more bookings each weekend and would also ensure we have a spare castle or two in the event of damage or breakdown to the equipment.

In order to get the best value for money, I would be seeking to buy used equipment that is in good order and very reasonably priced.

As mentioned earlier, currently l use my daily driver and an enclosed trailer to get the jumping castles to and from the bookings. If the crowd funding campaign goes well enough l would like to buy a much more suitable vehicle (probably a van) to make it easier to transport the castles and also allow for more castles to be transported at the same time.

l would be looking to buy a used vehicle in good condition in order to keep the required funds to a minimum.

*PLEASE NOTE: Every dollar will be spent wisely and in accordance with the aims of this campain. l will not pocket a penny from this campaign for myself. All purchases will be documented to ensure transparency.

Are you skeptical? Do you have any doubts?

I understand that some people may be a little skeptical... I simply ask you to take a risk, allow yourself to believe and for your peace of mind please take a look at the Free Jumping Castle Service facebook page and/or website and see for yourself the 154 x Reasons to trust and believe that your contribution will be put towards a wonderful community service.

How can you play a role?

There are many ways that you can help make this campaign a success, but the most obvious ways are,

(1) Chip in one dollar (or more)... Believe it "Every Dollar Helps"

(2) Share this campaign with your family & friends

(3) Invite, Encourage or Challenge your family & friends to get involved.

Something to keep in mind

Every single person who contributes $1.00 (One Dollar) or more will for ever know that they have contributed financially to keep this free community service running and allowing it to further grow and expand.

When photo's are posted each week, you will know that you have made a valued contribution in ensuring that a Free Jumping Castle was provided to that particular party or event.

Keep in contact and up to date

Please visit the Facebook Pages and "Like/Follow" so you can keep up to date with the Photo's, Video's and Stories that will be posted regarding the Free Jumping Castle service and the parties/events attended.

Once you have "Liked/Followed" the facebook pages, you will be able to receive regular "Good News/Feel Good" posts coming through to your facebook which we hope shall be a fantastic reward to you for your support and generosity.

Facebook Jumping Castle Page -> www.facebook.com/freejumpingcastles

Free Jumping Castles Website -> www.freejumpingcastle.com

My Personal Facebook Page -> Click Here

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