Good Wheel Hunting

By Stand Up Events Melbourne

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The Cause

"The elevated risk of mental ill-health and suicidality among LGBTIQ people is not due to sexuality, sex or gender identity in and of themselves but rather due to discrimination and exclusion as key determinants of health"

Stand Up Events Melbourne have partnered with the amazing research team at Monash University to create preventative programs tailored to eradicate homophobic behaviour in youths in sport both nationally and globally - a huge initiative that could change the landscape of our society to date. (Click here for more info) 

In order to be able to implement these programs Stand Up Events NEED $100,000 of dollars to fund it. I've committed to raising $50,000 of this in this campaign. 

 Why is this important?

In a world as advanced as it is, it baffles me to know that something as simple as playing sport is an issue. It's something that I took for granted in my childhood because I knew that it would be a safe space for me. I never stopped to think that it wasn't like this for everyone though. There are young people out there that actively withdraw from playing sport in FEAR of being judged, discriminated against, verbally assaulted and excluded because of their gender and sexual orientation. It's sad to think that this is the kind of sporting environment that we have created.

Words like FAGGOT, DYKE, LESO, GAY, FAG have somehow weaved there way into the lexicon of youth sport. 

It may sound aggressive to read but it's so prevalent on the sporting field where it really doesn't belong.. ESPECIALLY in youth sport. 

Here’s what you can do about it


All of the money donated will go straight to Stand Up Events and their project with Monash Uni in eradicating homophobia and homophobic behaviour in youth in sport to create a free and safe environment for all. Help me get to $50,000 and re-write the sporting code. 

For corporate sponsorships please email - we'd love to have you on board!


Find me instagram @goodwheel_hunting and join in the fun.


Purchase a supporter tee shirt from Sweater Club where 50% of each top sold will do towards Good Wheel Hunting -



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