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What will it take for the Global Greens to be a strong interdependent global political force protecting the stability and resilience of whole systems?

Christine Milne calls us to action in her inspiring keynote speech (watch the full speech here!) delivered at the 4th Global Greens Congress with the following message:

"It is not enough as Greens to be strong locally, subnationally, nationally or regionally; we now need to be a strong global force. Being loosely connected across the planet as Global Greens is good, but it is not enough.

In the Anthropocene, we have to move beyond just being connected, we must now see ourselves as interdependent. With a presence in over ninety countries, we should be able to take action that rolls around the world. Not just on the streets offering solidarity, but in legislatures delivering solutions.  Let’s do it, we have the political will, but to make it happen we need to resource the Global Greens!

The Earth systems on which we depend for survival are global and interdependent, the corporate and financial drivers which are destroying them are also global and interdependent, so the world needs a corresponding strong global political response which is also interdependent.

Can the Global Greens become that force?   What would it take?

We now have to Think and Act Globally and Locally at the same time. 

How empowering would it be for both local campaigners and for Greens in Parliaments around the world to know that on one side of the world Greens are protesting in the forests or at the nuclear or coal-fired power plant; and on the other Green Parliamentarians are asking: 'who is funding that project?  Where are the profits being directed?  Are taxes being evaded? Are bribes being paid? Is money being laundered?  Are pension funds or export credit agencies involved?'  We are all working together to stabilise the climate - that is where the Global Greens comes in.

We are the only political party in the world today that has these three things in common:

We have global reach into ninety countries;

We are united under a common Global Greens Charter so that Greens everywhere - whether in Rwanda, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Canada, Germany or Fiji - share the same principles of ecological integrity, social justice, peace and non-violence and participatory democracy;

We also have at the heart of our politics - the earth." 

Let's make the Global Greens an effective political force!

Donate today, talk with the Global Greens Secretariat and be part of the change that you want to see in the world!

Your donation will go towards building up the Global Greens Secretariat to coordinate the efforts of Greens around the world to be an ever more powerful political force together! 

Your donation will go towards core secretariat functions and projects.

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