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Fighting For a Gasfield Free Victoria

The invasive unconventional gas industry is coming to Victoria. It threatens our communities, the places we love, our water, our food and our climate.

Exploration licences for coal seam gas (CSG), tight gas and shale gas cover vast amounts of our precious farmland and surf coast, and test drilling has already happened in Gippsland. If this industry is allowed to go ahead, huge swathes of Victoria could be turned into gasfields.

A gasfield in Tara, Queensland

We’ve seen the destruction this industry has caused in Queensland and New South Wales. We’ve seen water contaminated with uranium and asbestos, sick children with nose bleeds and rashes and beautiful rural communities completely industrialised.

We need to stop this before it starts in Victoria. And we know how.

The winning strategy

The Lock the Gate Victoria campaign has been working with communities across the state for more than two years. Since then, 25 communities have declared themselves Coal or Gasfield Free and dozens more are preparing to. These communities are sending a message loud and clear to the invasive gas industry — you have no social licence to operate in our community.

And it’s working! Since we began working with communities in Victoria, we’ve been able to pressure the State Government into putting a temporary ban on the process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) twice - as well as a freeze on all exploration activity - forcing the industry into significantly delaying its plans.

However, these bans are due to be lifted in 2015, and companies are poised to begin fracking across our beautiful state as soon as this happens. We need to act now to build a force of people power strong enough to resist this industry invasion when the time comes.

Gippslanders celebrate declaring themselves Gasfield Free!

600 people form a spectacular 'human sign' at the Seaspray Declaration Day.
A limited edition print of this photo is available with the $250 reward!

With your help we can give communities the tools they need to stand up to this industry giant. We’ll hold community meetings with experts to help residents understand the environmental, health and legal impacts of unconventional gas mining. We’ll help to mobilise communities so that they too can declare themselves "Gasfield free", creating well organised and dedicated local groups across the state. We'll train communities in non-violent direct action and we’ll support them in defending their communities if and when the invasive gas industry comes to town.

How you can help

Your donation will literally help lock the gates of Victorian communities under threat. It will help protect our communities, the places we love, our food, our water supply and our climate.

With $10K: We'll be able to keep the campaign going at its current level into the new year.

With $25K: We'll be able to ramp up our campaign, and keep it going through 2015. It will ensure we are able to build a huge movement, right at the time when the government bans on fracking and onshore gas exploration are due to expire. 

With $50K: This would give us the ability to hire a much needed third Campaigner, to work alongside our Coordinators and team of dedicated volunteers. We know we need to ramp up our campaign NOW and an additional Campaigner is the best way to do this.

Pledge NOW and be part of a movement building a better future for all Victorians.

Together, let’s keep Victoria gasfield free!

Who we are

The Lock The Gate Victoria campaign consists of volunteers across the state, from a variety of community groups. The Lock The Gate Victoria Coordinators, Ursula Alquier and Chloe Aldenhoven, are employed by Quit Coal - a collective of Friends of the Earth Melbourne. All donations will go directly to supporting Ursula, Chloe and the regional community groups that make up the Lock The Gate Victoria campaign.

For more information visit: www.coalandgasfreevic.org

Any questions? [email protected]

Our tireless Lock The Gate Victoria Coordinators: Chloe Aldenhoven and Ursula Alquier.

Local families at the Poowong Declaration Day, the first town in Victoria to declare itself "Coal and Gasfield Free".

Farmers in Gippsland take a stand!

The "Frack Free Geelong" group takes their message to Council.

Over in Casterton, they aren't too keen on Gasfields either!!

Another Gasfield Free town, Harmers Haven!

Some great reasons from Victorians who are saying NO to Gasfields!

More great reasons from Victorians who are saying NO to Gasfields!

A cheeky message to the fracking company Lakes Oil from the town of Seaspray.

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