Growing young farmers from the ground up

By Future Feeders

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The average age of Australian farmers is now 55 and ageing. As the bulk of our food producers near retirement who will our feed hungry mouths and how? 

Future Feeders is growing the next generation of farmers. We want to engage young people in agriculture and develop pathways for skills development and long term happy, viable and sustainable careers in food production and land management. 

We are committed to ethical land stewardship and believe that this will be an essential foundation for successful food production now and into the future.

With the growth of the Australian organic movement and increased world-wide environmental awareness Future Feeders is a huge opportunity. Our social enterprise strategically combines positive community outcomes with regenerative ecological practices as well as successful business models. 

With your support and $50 000 we can make this happen now!

These urgently required funds will go towards essential infrastructure including: operational headquarters and educational facility, quality tools, nursery and equipment, safety gear, irrigation, a mobile cool room and the establishment of a small mobile free-range chicken system.

We have initiated a 2 acre urban farm and secured a 5 year community land lease through our local community garden.  We have eagerly begun preparing the land and establishing our site however on our meagre budget we have quickly discovered the need for some funds! 

And that's where you can help!

Future Feeders is made up of a dynamic team of young people passionate about the future of our food security. We were founded on enthusiasm alone and we need your support to really gain momentum. We are ready for a quantum leap and with the funds we raise we will have a fully functioning demonstration site that we can use as a base to launch our internship program.

Be a part of our dream to grow the next generation of farmers : we are ready to get our hands seriously dirty!

You can follow our journey on facebook.
View our youtube channel here.
Check out our website here.
Email us at futurefeeders[@] - we'd love to hear from you! 

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