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Bushland and Farmland- not Gasland
The process has begun to turn the Pilliga forests and then the North West of NSW into an industrial gasfield. People across the region and friends from further afield have been engaging in peaceful direct action to highlight why this is dangerous to the health and well-being of all living things that depend on the underground water reserves of inland Australia- people, plants and animals, farms and bush.

When injustice becomes law, resistance is our duty
Campaigns of civil disobedience are the only path open to us now. Political donations from the corporations standing to make millions have corrupted our democracy. Even when we win in the courts the government just changes the law. The fine that Santos Ltd got for contaminating an aquifer (underground water reserve) with radioactive uranium was $1500. The fine one person got for trespassing in the Pilliga State Forest was $1500.

Can't be here? Here's how you can help:
Many people are asking how they can help. Many can't make the trek to the Pilliga but are able and willing to assist those who can. The money raised from this campaign will assist those who are standing up to protect the Pilliga forests, the region's farmlands, and our nation's underground water reserves

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