A frack free future for WA

By Conservation Council of Western Australia

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Fracking in WA? No way!

Here in Western Australia, we are blessed with some of the world's most pristine water sources, fertile farmland, internationally renowned biodiversity, and globally popular tourist destinations.

The invasive gas fracking industry is already placing much of this at risk.

Everywhere fracking has taken hold, communities and experts are reporting serious problems: contamination of air, water and soil with toxic chemicals, and serious human health problems, just to name a few.

Farmers like Rod Copeland are already fighting to keep their water supply safe from fracking in the Mid West and it won't be long before it's the same for growers in the South West and even the Swan Valley.

We still have time to protect WA from this accident-prone industry.

We have a plan to win

Frack Free Future is a strong community campaign doing our best with little-to-no resources. We're taking on a massive and invasive industry backed by huge corporations and their supporters in government.

But we know how to win.

We have a strong strategy, dedicated campaigners, and a growing supporter base. Now, we really need your help to step it up to the next level.

Anti-fracking must win the election

The March 2017 State election is nearly upon us - and we need to make sure all the parties commit to protecting WA from fracking.

To do that, we need to be ‘everywhere’. Political candidates must feel there is no escaping our campaign, and feel the need to engage with our campaign in order to stand a chance of being elected.

And to do that, we need campaign materials and merchandise!

Can you help us cover the costs of the everyday materials vital to getting our message out there?

Minimum campaign requirement: $23,100

This will cover the costs of:

Frack Free Future flyers & leaflets for hand outs, stalls, events etc

Frack Free Future signs for yards, fences, events etc

Large Frack Free Future banners for banner drops, events, actions etc

Smaller Frack Free Future banners for use through-out the campaign

Stickers! Bumper stickers, bin stickers and smaller ones to give away

Frack Free Future branded ethical merchandise: t-shirts and hoodies!

If you can contribute any amount, you'll be helping to grow the strong and vibrant community movement needed to protect our water, land, and communities from fracking.

With your help, a Frack Free Future is within our reach!

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