Fiji Cyclone Recovery

By a Girl & her world

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Grassroots organisation a Girl & her world is on the ground helping people rebuild, re-establishing women's livelihoods and getting Girls back to school.

100% of funds raised will go to much loved families in the community of RakiRaki who have lost everything and are in the process of rebuilding in the wake of the worst cyclone ever to make landfall in the Southern Hemisphere.

My part in this is in getting Girls back to school and their mums back in business.

Replacing school supplies and small business items like chicken coops and materials for weaving mats, and maybe glasses that were broken in the cyclone or shoes that were lost // Helping fill the gaps.

Healing from a trauma like this comes from life returning to normal. Schools needs resources, kids need books and stationery, uniforms and lunch - mums need bus tickets into town and phone credit and ways to re-establish their small business // These things fall through the cracks in disaster recovery.

Click here to have a read of the blog if you'd like more detail.

I'm trekking with Talanoa Treks Fiji, grateful for your support of the community I hold so dear. Vinaka!

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