Fight For Your Cause - The Flanagan Fight

By Troy Scott and Carl Forrest

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The Flanagan Fight

After losing some close family and friends this year to cancer and reading about what the Flanagan family are going through, we had to be involved.

See their story here.

We can not imagine what they are going through, we are blessed to have a healthy young families but its time to Man Up!

Premium Glass and Fencing - Fight for your Cause 2016

Industry leaders are encouraged to step in to the ring and raise much needed funds for Townsville based charities. Troy Scott is taking on none other than Carl Forrest in a three round match up. Why you ask, well there is a back story.....Carl and Troy have worked in similar circles for many years there are a few scores to settle....

All money raised is going straight to the Flanagan family, it may take the worry out of paying some bills, it may offer them some comfort during this time of need, it may allow them to focus on getting better and paying it forward.

The goal is to raise $5000 and your support is truely appreciated. I keep thinking, what if this was me, what if this was you, my family and friends.....I would want the world to help.

At the end of the day you will feel great knowing that you have played your part, you may see Troy with more than just a One Pack, you may see Carl put the big man on the will be sure to see a great battle on the night.

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Troy Scott and Carl Forrest