Communi-Café - A pop-up café in the heart of Exeter

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A little bit of context

YMCA Exeter has empowered young people in and around Exeter for over 170 years, so they can develop their full potential in body, mind and spirit. This Summer, our residents are taking that to the next level by setting up, and running, their own community cafe for one week only. Make a donation and help them make this happen.

But there’s a problem

Young people living at YMCA Exeter have come from backgrounds where it’s been hard for them to achieve qualifications, build their CVs and ultimately, get permanent and satisfying jobs. However, we believe their potential is just waiting to be set free!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Supported by the YMCA but led by the young people, our project will unlock their entrepreneurial spirit by taking them on a 6-week programme where they will plan, develop and deliver a one week, pop-up enterprise community café in Princesshay Shopping Centre, Exeter.

Each group will be trained in customer service, sales, food hygiene, stock, cash flow, marketing, interior design, advertising, accounting and we will need to raise £6,000 to make it happen.

You can join us

The £6,000 we raise for our community cafe will be spent on things like...

We will also spend the money on things like food hygiene certificates, advertising and yummy ingredients - all necessary for running an amazing cafe in the heart of Exeter!

So please join our cause and support young people in Exeter who care about making a difference!

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Team Members

Bethan Spencer

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Bethan Spencer

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