E-WA Rotary Wheatbelt Love of Reading Project

By Rotary E-Club of Western Australia

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Rotary helps Wheatbelt Communities

The Rotary E-Club of Western Australia is joining forces with the Bruce Rock, Narembeen and Quairading communities (2-3 hours drive from Perth) to raise funds for literacy development through reading programs. We’re seeking support from people like you who care about improved educational outcomes for all children.

Low literacy leads to social exclusion

Some statistics will tell you that Australians are 99% literate. But in 2013, when the OECD measured the ability of Australian adults to understand, connect, think critically and problem solve in everyday life, 43.7% had below proficiency literacy and 53.5% had below proficiency numeracy. This means 1 in 3 Australians have literacy skills low enough to make them vulnerable to unemployment and social exclusion.

Gaps emerge early in the education process but the right support - particularly for reading programs - can make a real difference. That's why we are partnering with local schools and libraries to encourage a love of reading.

A love of reading – especially early in life – leads to better literacy and improved career outcomes.

Participate to inspire Wheatbelt kids

Your donation will fund vital reading support programs for Wheatbelt kids. Just $10 can fund a book voucher to reward a kid that has met their reading goals. 

This online campaign is linked to our fundraising day on Saturday 9th March at the Bruce Rock Swimming Pool.

You can sponsor an individual swimmer, which encourages the people of all ages who are swimming for their town. Or you can make a general donation, including options for businesses to gain exposure. Please donate now!

If you would like to join the swimming fun yourself, contact rotaryewa@gmail.com for more details.

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