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Time is running out fast, with just days to go now before we reach the postponed deadline to leave the European Union on April 12. It is the duty of everyone who cares about our country to stop Brexit turning out to be a disaster not just for our generation, but for the generations that will follow us. Make no mistake: the full horror of a no-deal Brexit is now a clear and present danger.

endthechaos! is about seeking practical solutions to intractable problems. We are not about party politics, but reason, information and discussion. We want, above all things, to be a convener for common sense.

We are not funded – as the Daily Express has claimed – by George Soros.

Every penny that has been made from my book Rise - Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading the Way has gone towards this endeavour and much more besides. Public-spirited citizens have also contributed generously, which has helped us to undertake a wide range of campaigning activities to bring clarity and common sense where there has often only been obfuscation and chaos.

Since our official launch in September 2018 in Dover, we have travelled to Newry on the Irish border, made our voice heard at a series of high profile gatherings around the country, addressed the issues of real people outside the ‘Westminster bubble’ and written countless articles for major media organisations and broadcast extensively. We have also been an open source platform for people with experience to share their blogs, and for organisations and sectors struggling to get their reports and voices heard to publish.

Behind the scenes, we have met with most of the major actors in this ongoing national crisis, from all sides and all parties. We lead the way with high profile initiatives, such as pressuring Jeremy Corbyn in an open letter to honour the objectives agreed at his own party conference in relation to Brexit and we have published a Remain Plus document which we see as a template for Mrs May to consider.

We also have the benefit of access to a ‘SWAT team’ of some of the best legal minds in the country, due to my successful challenge to the Government over triggering Article 50.

As an organisation, we have no long-term political agenda and we will be wound up once there is no more that can conceivably be done.

We have low overheads, a small but dedicated team, no culture of expense account lunches and we work 24/7 when the pressure is on. We are quick and nimble at responding to events.

In terms of transparency, our money does not sit idly in the bank. Of the £66,266.55 raised to December 31 2018, £65,532.06 has been spent on a wide range of innovative and effective campaigning activities. That does not leave a great deal in the kitty for the last leg of the campaign.

I give you my personal assurance that every penny you contribute to www.endthechaos.co.uk will go directly towards our efforts to ensure the profound effects of Brexit do not negatively impact our country for decades to come.

If you have been impressed by what we have managed to achieve so far, let me assure you, there is a lot more to come.

With your support, we can all achieve so much more.

Best wishes,

Transparency campaigner

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