End the chaos!

By Centrum Campaign Limited

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As a passionate campaigner for transparency and honesty, I am deeply concerned that the British people are being denied the basic rights of knowing what they are getting and the likely cost in terms of Brexit. Leaving the EU is the single most important event in the UK’s post-war history, yet there is little clarity and growing confusion in terms of what lies ahead.

Meanwhile, the egos and ideologies of some MPs has led to infighting and indecision leading to a country that is divided and where all sides are unhappy.

I have invested my own money, time and effort to fight for people's right to decide their own future, but I need support to ensure we don't end up with a country that is divided, stressed and without hope.

Time is running out - the only way to end the chaos is to let the people decide.

With your financial help we can achieve this by:

  • providing the public clear, understandable information
  • campaigning via social media
  • assisting grass roots organisations
  • organising events and other marketing activities
  • utilising the powers of the law

The campaign will operate with 100% transparency and keep costs as low as possible, to ensure as much of your donation as possible is put to work.

CLICK HERE to visit www.endthechaos.co.uk

NOTE: Whilst we 're not a political party, if there is a General Election, our campaigning could come under the Electoral Commission donation rules.

In the event of a General Election, donors should be aware that we may be required to report to the Electoral Commission details of any individual donations over £7,500. This would include donations which amount to over £7,500 when added to other donations from the same donor in any calendar year.

Furthermore, any donations over £500 must be from a permissible donor e.g. an individual registered on a UK electoral register, most UK-registered companies, or a UK registered LLP, operating in the UK.

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