End Women & Girls Abuse, Violence and Discrimination!

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“I Hope The Fathers and Mothers of Little Girls Will Look At Them and Say. Yes, Women Can.”

Are you a mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, acquaintance and/ or friend?

Everybody knows a Woman or Girl who has been sexually abused, emotionally abused, physically abused, reputation-ally abused, financially abused and/ or unjustly discriminated against. In today’s world, Gender abuse, violence and discrimination is a persistent epidemic- that Together WE Must Work To End!

Gender abuse, violence and discrimination is a disease that shatters the hopes, dreams, aspirations, self-esteem, legacy and self-dignity of Women and Girls, who become victimized by these malicious acts.



** Every 90 Seconds A Woman or Girl Is Abused & Discriminated Against
, Somewhere In The World

** 17.7 Million American Women Have Been Victims of Attempted or Completed Rape

** Over 4 Million Women In The U.S. Experience Physical Violence By An Intimate Partner Every Year

** 8,000,000 Is The Number of Days of Paid Work Women Lose Every Year Because of The Abuse Perpetrated Against Them By Current or Former Male Partners. This Loss Is Equivalent to Over 32,000 Full-Time Jobs

** At Least 20.9 Million Adults and Children Are Bought and Sold Worldwide Into Commercial Sexual Servitude, Forced Labor and Bonded Labor Human Trafficking

** Women and Girls Make-up 98% of Victims of Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation


Women United Forward (WUF) is an organizational initiative, working to end Women & Girls abuse, violence and discrimination. And working/ advocating for Women & Girls safety, protection, wellbeing, success, progress and advancement.

Women United Forward's (WUF) mission is to Build, Advance and Advocate Towards- Women and Girls:

Safety. Protection. Well-being

Support. Sustainability. Success

Progress. Advancement. Acceleration

Self Confidence. Self-Awareness. Self-Development

Help End Women & Girls Abuse and Discrimination.


Thank you for your support!

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